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1.) Wild Bob - 09/22/2014
What's shakin' out there...anything? :grin:

I've been out scouting several times, and have nothing exciting to report on the whitetail front.

Are either of your seasons open yet?
2.) Wild Bob - 09/23/2014
Yesss sirrreee! We got us [I]highly[/I] active and [I]enthusiastic[/I] group here don't we...

I guess I'll just be sittin' here round the campfire incase anyone comes back to camp. :fire:
3.) Floyd - 09/23/2014
All alone in the wilderness.... If a Wild Bob posts on his thread, and no team members are around to read his post, does he even have a team?
4.) Floyd - 09/23/2014
What's a team 5? Who's on your team? No team name?

Are you really participating Weird Bob?
5.) Wild Bob - 09/23/2014
I don't know what I am any more. LOL 'Not banned yet' is what I am. :-)
6.) DParker - 09/23/2014
The archery season opener here is this Saturday (9/27). As warm as it has been I fully expect to be bled dry by mosquitoes before my Thermacell gets a chance to heat up.
7.) Swamp Fox - 09/23/2014
Team 5---"We're Not Banned Yet" --is Deeerslayer88, DParker and the irreplaceable-but-available-as-a-substitute-on- short-notice Wild Bob.

8.) Floyd - 09/24/2014
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;25838]Team 5---"We're Not Banned Yet" --is Deeerslayer88, DParker and the irreplaceable-but-available-as-a-substitute-on- short-notice Wild Bob.


Bahahahaha, and Wild Bob's lips never moved. :poke:
9.) Deerminator - 09/24/2014
10.) Wild Bob - 09/24/2014
Hey I got a funny story about that All By Myself song...so here it goes:

My youngest is 10 years old. This kid that he is friends with is a year younger than him, and he is an only child. So he spends A LOT of time home alone with his mom. Now this kid loves coming over to our house and sleeping over/playing with my son and hanging out with my older boy as well. At times, my wife and I let them all play on Xbox together.

By the way, did I mention that my son's friend loves to sing? (He's actually a pretty good singer at that. My theory is that his singing has to do with being home a lot with his mom, and...(You get the idea, but that's a different story.)

Anyway, one morning on a weekend, my wife and I get up and come out of our bedroom into the kitchen area to get a cup of coffee. (Our home has a central open floor plan, with the kitchen open to the dinning which is open to the living room.) So the three of these kids are camped out in the living room playing Xbox on some free -for-all fighting game. It was kind of quiet, and I don't think they knew we were there, but we could hear the sound effects of the game, as well as their banter back and forth and added sound effects (you know how kids are).

So all of a sudden, my boys are like "Oh no!, shoot I'm out!" and "Ahhh, meee tooo!" And my son's friend (obviously the victor in the game), says, "Oh man, did you see that?! I got 'em right in the balls!" and at that he breaks into a pretty good rendition of "All By My Self"...

So after he sings like the first few lines, he stops and there's this awkward silence. My wife and I peer in there, (trying not to laugh our butts off) and our two boys are looking at him amazed/weirded out, and both of them just say, "Wow."

I guess you kind of had to be there, but if you can remotely imagine the scenario...it was funny. :laugh:
11.) Deerminator - 09/24/2014
:-) I'm also a parent, so I compleatly understand. funny stuff
12.) bow-fishhunter - 09/24/2014
That is pretty funny
13.) bluecat - 09/24/2014
Good story. Does he like show tunes? Not that there is anything wrong with that.
14.) Floyd - 09/24/2014
Soooo, it's not [U]just[/U] Wild Weird Bob.....

I bet the looong coooold winter nights are very, very interesting.

Kidding - karaoke is fun.
15.) Swamp Fox - 09/24/2014
Talking to yourself is one thing, but singing to yourself? ...Now that takes an extra-happy personality! :-)

More power to him, LOL...
16.) Wild Bob - 09/24/2014
I think you're right Floyd...may be it is those long winter nights! LOL

You know Bluecat...I wouldn't put it past this kid to know some show tunes. So far, in addition to 'All By Myself' we've heard him singing 'This Girl is on Fire' - that Alicia Keys song, Abba's 'Dancing Queen' as well as newer songs like the 'Happy' Song.

The funny thing is that his personality is very low key and not outspoken, so you just don't expect him to be the type of kid to start singing out loud.