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1.) Hunter - 10/23/2014
Ok, first I want to get all my excuses out there.......... this is really the first time I have ever hunted out of a blind. I have found that this entails a new set of problems to worry about. My thought process has to now include things such as arrow trajectory & lighting for pins. I am learning as I go.

Also, I have to throw out there that I am using a new (to me) bow this year. It is a Bowtech Sentinel which is considerably longer than my DXT. Also using new sighting system of a single pin slider.

(If I come up with any more excuses, I will add them at the end)

First shooting opportunity was at an 8pt at 28 yards. My pin was set at 20 yards and of course I forgot to move it. My obviously low shot clipped front leg, not breaking it so no major damage.

Few days later, I have a shot at a doe at about 26 yards. Being the fast learner that I am, I set the pin for the correct distance and let her rip. WHACK!! My arrow caught the bottom edge of the window! It careened into a tree branch and shattered!

My stepson (who is an excellent bowhunter) took his turn in the blind and also shot under a 9pt! (I'm not making up excuses for him!)

This morning, the same 8pt that I nicked previously, came back. I am now back to my DXT which feels much more comfortable to me. I am now aware of having to raise up a little to clear the window. Don't have to worry about moving my pin. Things look good. He's slightly quartered away. I let my arrow fly...... I whack him in the shoulder! WTH? I am still trying to figure out what went wrong. I did notice that it was hard to see my pins through my peep due to how dark it is in blind.

Anyways, tracked with dog but this guy is still running. Only a few initial drops of blood. I'll keep an eye out for buzzards but I'm pretty confident that this wasn't a fatal wound. I'm thinking that the odds of getting another chance at this deer is pretty slim since I have already shot him twice! But, it will be a great story if I do!! :bang::bang::bang:

I'm blamimng all my woes on the blind. It's hexed I'm telling you!!!!!
2.) Triton Rich - 10/23/2014
[B]Oh Man, that sucks! A few years ago, I had a couple animals in a row where I hit them high. At the moment of truth, I would forget to aim for a spot and I just put the pin at mid height. I changed my ways mentally and now the main thing I concentrate on when aiming at an animal is to aim low in the chest and pick a spot. It's a good thing to keep in mind. Now you might very well have had a different problem like not having the sight ring centered in the peep or whatever. Get back to the range and shoot the bow to reassure yourself that all is well and get back out there! Good luck! Go team 2![/B]
3.) Swamp Fox - 10/23/2014
Look at it this way...With all these shooting opportunities, you'll soon make all the mistakes there are to make so that we can be entertained around here! :wink

I've found a lighted sight pin is almost a requirement for blind hunting. You don't always need it, but when you do you need it bad!

I also wear a little clip light on my belt so I can get at it easily when it's too dark in the blind to see my yardage tape and exactly where my indicator pin is set on my sliders. They are about all I use, but there are some challenges involved. You'll get used to it.

One trick I find helpful is to set my pin for the most likely yardage an animal will give me a shot, whether I am in a tree or in a blind. I can usually tell this by looking around when I get settled and imagining how animals will approach and where they will linger. I can hold a little high or a little low from my initial setting if I get into an emergency rush situation and have practiced enough, but I don't like to take this idea too far or use it as a crutch. It's a practical skill to develop at least some competency with, though, and the initial setting at the most likely range will save you some stress as well.

I don't shoot the flattest-trajectory set-ups, and I do have to move (or think about moving) my pin at crunch time more than I'd like if I lived in a perfect world, but the sight picture I get with a single pin is just so much better than a multi-pin that it's worth the extra challenges. I do keep hoping someone will come up with a better mousetrap, though. Maybe a sight with a built-in rangefinder and a single pin that moves itself at full draw, LOL.
4.) Wild Bob - 10/23/2014
Hang in there man and don't give up! It's frustrating, but look at this way...if this were easy everyone would be doing it.
5.) Hunter - 10/23/2014
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;26822]Look at it this way...With all these shooting opportunities, you'll soon make all the mistakes there are to make so that we can be entertained around here! :wink[/QUOTE]

That's what I'm here for........... to entertain you guys!
6.) Hunter - 10/23/2014
[QUOTE=Wild Bob;26823]Hang in there man and don't give up! It's frustrating, but look at this way...if this were easy everyone would be doing it.[/QUOTE]

No worrys....... I never give up!
7.) ARCHERXP - 10/25/2014
hang tough

it aint over till it's over