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1.) crookedeye - 12/07/2014
is going to have a hard time picking 4 teams to play for the championship..how could you leave ohio state out or Tcu, Baylor?? my picks are

florida state
TCU..my pick by the way to win the whole basket..
Nebraska finishing a strong 5th
2.) crookedeye - 12/07/2014
they should have a 8 team playoff.. one week of prep then the final game of the year should be the championship game.while the other teams play there bowl games
3.) Swamp Fox - 12/07/2014
I'm going with FSU and TCU as well.

Oh, and by the way...

4.) crookedeye - 12/07/2014
looks like ohio state made it..they play Alabama...just like I called it earlier this year..
5.) crookedeye - 12/07/2014
its a biased committee just like the news networks..its good for the big 10 though
6.) crookedeye - 12/07/2014
tcu and Baylor plus Nebraska had the best teams this year..
7.) crookedeye - 12/07/2014
8.) Swamp Fox - 12/07/2014
Put me down for a tomahawk chop...

Although I would have liked to see the Horned Frogs in a bowl...Would have driven the animal rights people nuts...

Mmmm, frog legs....
9.) crookedeye - 12/07/2014
I like Oregon..what are they called the ducks??
10.) crookedeye - 12/07/2014
like it or not them are going to be some good games...
11.) Swamp Fox - 12/07/2014
Ducks? What ducks?

12.) crookedeye - 12/07/2014
theve been known for there cheerleaders..who wouldn't want to play there?? they probably get paid more then the players..
13.) Swamp Fox - 12/07/2014

Hey, did you ever figure out where Floyd's at??


14.) crookedeye - 12/07/2014
Floyd is doing a silent protest right now give him his space.. it looks like he needed a timeout...kinda like when I was in pre-school when I got to rest on my rug when I got out of hand..

by the way who's starting the christmas song thread this year?
15.) crookedeye - 12/07/2014
back then they use to call it a rest time..i don't blame him..its stressfull on here you got luv2 to deal with..he's wanting change, then you got bullzi back in the corner picking his nose and eating his boogers. thats a lot a guy gots to deal with on here,,its not easy ...
16.) Swamp Fox - 12/07/2014

Don't you think it's too early for Christmas music? I've almost given up hoping everyone including radio stations and department stores would wait until at least the weekend before, but I was thinking I could enjoy some peace and quiet around here at least, if that didn't work out. Please tell me [I]The Grinch [/I]hasn't been on the tube yet. I know [I]Rudolph's[/I] on this week. :tap:

But I think you should take charge of the Christmas music thread whenever you get in the mood. I'm willing to trust your judgment....:shocked: :omg:
17.) crookedeye - 12/07/2014
to early for Christmas music?? are you kiddin me..it comes around once a year..its going to be here and gone before you no it..
by the way its the best time of the year..
18.) crookedeye - 12/07/2014
I walk around the stores in the morning just to listen to the Christmas songs...
19.) crookedeye - 12/07/2014
that and the specials..
20.) Swamp Fox - 12/07/2014
Best time of year around here is from mid-March through Thanksgiving, and then you can add a couple of weeks to that until the speckled trout completely shut down, unless a freak warm snap comes along. But the best time of year is almost always over before Christmas. :wink

I've always been more of a Halloween guy, anyway. LOL
21.) crookedeye - 12/07/2014
I bet you are...
22.) Swamp Fox - 12/07/2014
[QUOTE=crookedeye;27634]that and the cute cashiers and high school girls..[/QUOTE]

Fixed it for you...:grin:
23.) crookedeye - 12/07/2014
you going to watch that guy eatin by a snake alive tonight? he made some special suit it looked like a fabrication suit of the black knight and the tin man from the wizard of oz....
24.) Swamp Fox - 12/07/2014
It depends what else is on. Are they still looking for Bigfoot? What's going on in the mountains?

You know, if a lot of people watch the snake man, some of them are going to rethink whether the Jonas Brothers really were swallowed by that whale...
25.) bluecat - 12/08/2014
I just wanted to be included in this thread. Thanks for your support.
26.) Swamp Fox - 12/08/2014
Welcome aboard, matey!

There were no other threads to plunder yesterday, so we set sail in this tub...:grin:

27.) bluecat - 12/08/2014
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;27639]It depends what else is on. Are they still looking for Bigfoot? What's going on in the mountains?


Bigfoots and mountain creatures are soo yesterday.
28.) Swamp Fox - 12/08/2014
I can't believe it's been 18 hours and I'm not getting any love for my "Jonas Brothers and the Whale" joke...
29.) bluecat - 12/08/2014
You made a funny fer sure, but I didn't respond because I thought the Jonas brothers were eaten by Rosie O'Donnell.
30.) Swamp Fox - 12/08/2014
I'm sure Rosie would be a nice woman if she were on the proper meds...

Speaking of whales and see-food diets, who would win between a whale and a giant squid?

Something to think about since we seem to have worn out the football topic, for now.

31.) bluecat - 12/08/2014

Somebody might have posted this already.
32.) Swamp Fox - 12/08/2014
How could they not?