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1.) crookedeye - 12/14/2014
i forgot about this..my jokes of the week..

whats long and hard a polish girl gets on her wedding night??

a last name
2.) crookedeye - 12/14/2014
why do jewish men get circumsized??

because jewish women don't touch nothing if it's not 20 percent off...

why do jewish men have big noses??

because the air is free..
3.) NEBigAl - 12/17/2014
There are two homeless guys sitting on a street corner in Rome. One is holding a cross in front of him, and the other is holding a star of David. Obviously, the christian man was gathering much more money than the jewish man.

The pope watches from a far for a while, and finally walks up to the men. "Why are you holding a star of david? You know this is an all catholic city, I bet most people give the catholic guy more money just to spite you!"

The Jewish bum looks at the catholic bum and says "Look at this guy, trying to teach the Goldstein brothers how marketing works!"