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1.) Wester - 12/17/2014
Hey guys I want to start filming my hunts. I usually hunt with friends so I won't be doing it solo. I'm in need of a camera (or 2) that films well (HD, good sound quality (throwing a mic on would be fine) good in low light) and has good battery life. I'll be using it for everything from archery hunts (spot and stalk, blinds, maybe a stand some day) to gun hunts, to birds and waterfowl. My budget as a college kid isn't looking to good, so i can't be dropping a few grand on this stuff, but maybe a few hundred. But I do have until next years season to save up for something if I can wait that long to get it. And with christmas around the corner... With my budget being so low, i'm not expecting it to look super professional obviously, but I would like something a little better than a gopro.

What do you guys suggest? Got any videos?

2.) Deerminator - 12/17/2014
most decent cameras now days will shoot very good HD video. Cannon, fuji, nikon ect.

whats wrong with s go pro?
3.) Swamp Fox - 12/18/2014
Tell me the budget number you have in your head and then your "stretch" number if you saw something you really liked. I'll try to get you some ideas.

Do you already have a tripod or monopod you want to use?
4.) Deerminator - 12/18/2014
There's alot of go pro's used in the industry. A small TV quality video camera like they use on the Campbells outdoors shows as well as most other hunting and fishing shows will run you right around $6500, to, 7500. Cash for a studio quality arm to hold the camer will run you another few grand.
5.) Swamp Fox - 12/18/2014
You can have a very good quality set up for less than that ---let me call it semi-professional level. If you want to say "enthusiast" level is a step down from there, next would be "amateur" and below that "goober." :wink Figure out where you are, or want to be.

When I say "set-up", I mean camera and accessories. You'll need a substantial budget for various mics, a really good tripod and fluid head, etc. A high-quality camera arm if you go to climbing trees eventually (don't go cheap here!) and possibly headphones, though I never liked using them in a hunting situation. Etc.

All this adds up. Obviously the camera is the main thing, but you need to budget for quality in the accessories as well.

I think there was a brief discussion of cameras and related gear on here especially when Jon was either looking to buy or to sell the one he had. There might be some info there which will be helpful.
6.) Wester - 12/18/2014
My problem with go-pros is that they're not so good of quality outside of 15 yards, and the sound isn't so good, either. I do want one, to mount to a shotgun or to run in the decoys (for geese or turkeys or something) but I want something a little more for main filming.

I think my total budget would be around $1000, but maybe up to $1500 if I can justify it in my head. Problem is, I want a new tripod as well (I have a few that could carry me over till I buy a new one, if need be) so i'll be needing to take a few hundred for that as well. Not a lot to work with.
7.) Swamp Fox - 12/18/2014
I'll see what I can find out for you.
8.) Deerminator - 12/18/2014
I was going to set up my boat with cameras for bow fishing vids, but when I added it all up I changed my mind. there just wasn't enough return.
9.) Hunter - 12/18/2014
Don't know how big a camera you are thinking of but I bought a used Sony FX7 HD camera off Ebay for $800. Real happy with it. I would say it is on the semi-pro level.