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1.) Pa bowhunter - 12/24/2014
So I decided to buy a new .22, and after a little looking I think I have settled on The Savage MarkII with the accu trigger and synthetic stock and topping it with a Nikon Prostaff 3-9x40 with BDC reticle, any thoughts or other combinations that anybody would check out?
2.) bluecat - 12/29/2014
Send us a picture when it's all dolled up. What are you planning on doing with it? Squirrels? Target? Anything and everything?
3.) Deerminator - 12/29/2014
Good luck with finding ammo. Many stores will only sell 22lr ammo to you only if your buying a new gun.
4.) Wild Bob - 12/29/2014
Great choice, that is the rifle we got my son - he loves it and I can attest that it shoots well.

The only suggestion I have is to look for a scope that is set up for the parallax of a .22 cal. Most big game scopes are set up to be parallax free for 100 yards; a .22s effective range is normally 100 yds or less. The trajectory of a .22 is not very flat, and the parallax on a scope designed for a .22 will be parallax free at 50 yards, therefore you will be able to dial the scope in more accurately within the effective range of the rifle. Just something to consider...

Congrats and I hope you enjoy your rifle!
5.) Swamp Fox - 12/29/2014
That is a great point, WB. I've only tried a standard parallax scope on a .22 once I think, and it wasn't a successful venture. I've not tried BDC's on "rimfire" scopes (and don't even know if they exist) but I will say that a scope that has parallax adjustment down to small-game range (I'd have to check how near you can adjust down to---50 yards is a cinch but I don't recall/know about 25) is not a gimmick. With more and more people trying to stretch their range with hot 17's, say, you can find scopes that can and should be adjusted for the variety of shots these rifles are liable to take.

If anyone is looking for a good selection of rimfire (and airgun) scopes, Natchez Shooter Supply usually has a good selection of refurbished scopes, often on sale. I have picked up several things from them over the years and always felt they were steals. One of my favorites is a Weaver that sits on top of a Browning BL 22 I sent out for an Ultimate Makeover, and which I really need to break out of the gun safe and take for a little stroll through the oaks, come to think of it.
6.) bluecat - 12/29/2014
Post pics of .22's. Love to see everybody's.
7.) Swamp Fox - 12/29/2014
Let me see if I can find my snorkel...
8.) bluecat - 12/29/2014
If your scope did not adjust for parallax, what would be the symptoms you would notice. I have no idea if my scope adjusts for that or not. I'll have to check out the model # tonight and report back.

Off the top of my head it is a Buckmaster Nikon for my Browning auto.
9.) Wild Bob - 12/29/2014
This is a pretty good little video that goes into more detail on the topic:

10.) Swamp Fox - 12/29/2014
On a big game scope appropriate for a SA rifle which is not likely to be used for long-range shooting, you don't need an adjustable-parallax scope. Most scopes have the appropriate parallax pre-set for the appropriate "range" of distances they are likely to be used for.

Another way of putting it: Unless you shoot very close/very precisely (airgun range) or very far, a scope for a centerfire rifle does not need adjustable parallax. When you are in that box--or when you are shooting .17's and .22's that might be used from 10 yards to 100 yards (the more I'm on the internet, the more head-shot squirrels across football fields there seem to be, LOL), you should look for adjustable parallax scopes.

BTW, a lot of slug-gun and muzzleloader scopes are set for shorter parallax, which is appropriate. Most "rimfire" or ".22" scopes are as well, in case that's not clear by this point.
11.) Wild Bob - 12/29/2014
Head shot like these? :-) They weren't taken over 100 yards LOL...if I remember right; the farther one was taken at about 60 yrds, and the shorter at about half that distance. Only difference is these were taken with a .17, but with a rimfire scope with a short range parallax.

12.) Swamp Fox - 12/29/2014
You were a pretty good-lookin kid back in the day, WB....What happened? :wink
13.) Wild Bob - 12/30/2014
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;28072]You were a pretty good-lookin kid back in the day, WB....What happened? :wink[/QUOTE]

Hahahahaah! :wink That's my youngest boy...about 6 years ago.
14.) bluecat - 12/30/2014
Thanks for posting all of this.
15.) Deerminator - 12/30/2014
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;28065]Let me see if I can find my snorkel...[/QUOTE]

16.) Deerminator - 12/30/2014
I'M IN THE MARKET FOR A NEW 22 LR MYSELF. leaning twards a semi auto or leve action.
17.) Swamp Fox - 12/30/2014
If I were in the market, the old Marlin 39A lever gun would be way high on my list. Pre-checkering and pre-safety, though those checkered and safety'd models might be fine guns, especially in the early years of the modification. I just have a bias for the smooth grip and no safety.

I would definitely avoid anything post-Remington buy-out. Those were bad years.

I'm not sure many people ever let them go, though. But it's always worth a whirl through the right type of gun shop, or the classifieds.
18.) Wild Bob - 12/30/2014
I think you are on to something there SF...I'm always on the lookout for a clean older 39A.

When I first moved here, a guy that I ended up becoming good friends with found out that I was here with nothing to shoot for the first several months; so he told me to come by his house one evening after work and handed me his 39A and said, "just take care of it and give it back to me when you get your guns moved here."

Anyway, I spent I don't know how many evenings and weekends plinking with that thing over the next 5 months (had lots of after hours time on my hands being here without my wife and kids) ...and my how much fun that was! I tried to buy it from him, but he wanted it back - can't say I blamed him.

Great little lever action for sure. :tu: (BTW, if you ever decide to sell that BL you mentioned...let me know.)
19.) Pa bowhunter - 01/05/2015
The prostaff .22 is set up just for .22lr
20.) Pa bowhunter - 01/05/2015
The wife and I drove about 300 miles the day after Christmas and could not find one to save my but, so I went to the small local guy who matched the box store prices without us even asking and I ordered everything through him, I just agreed to wait a couple weeks when he puts in his next order so he could save on the shipping, which I thought was more then fair, when it comes in he will set everything up and throw in 150 rounds of CCI .22 ammo and I have about 2000 rounds already...
21.) Pa bowhunter - 01/05/2015
Oh yeah we are buying it for squirrel and some target for the kids so they can work on some basic shooting fundamental's, oh yeah the owner off the shop is retired marine sniper and offered to help the kids on the range if need be..
22.) Swamp Fox - 01/05/2015
Oh, so [I]you're[/I] the one that has all the CCI...


23.) Swamp Fox - 01/06/2015
[QUOTE=Pa bowhunter;28271]Oh yeah we are buying it for squirrel and some target for the kids so they can work on some basic shooting fundamental's, oh yeah the owner off the shop is retired marine sniper and offered to help the kids on the range if need be..[/QUOTE]