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1.) DropzOfWild - 03/05/2015
Missouri is proposing some rule changes for the 16-17 bow season. not sure on how many but two of them are (1) allowing crossbows to be used as currently they are used only with med certification and fire arm season due to being trigger action and the other one (2) is to limit 1antlered deer, which currently we can harvest 2 antlered deer provided that only one is taken before fire arm portion of the season.
I don't like that idea what so ever....spoke with a game agent yesterday and I asked what the success rate was and he said that less than 10% of all archery tags purchased check in 2 antlered deer. It's being proposed for the purpose of quality of deer. Stating that the archers will be more likely to pass the little 8 knowing he / she doesn't have the second tag. However I feel this is BS because if you legally shoot a "small" 8 and end up seeing a "huge" 8 a few days later you can't legally harvest the animal anyways and chances of seeing the same deer during / after fire arm season is slim...(from my experience and hear say knowledge). We (mo)went to a point restrictions program several years ago to improve quality of deer and I can tell you first hand that move has helped tremendously, however it's eliminated the ability to remove "management bucks" other than having a youth harvest it during the youth portion of season (no restrictions)

I know some of you other states can only harvest one to begin with which is unfortunate .. not looking to hear how lucky Missouri is but do you really think that this will get a "bowhunter" to pass deer? Most hunters I know already have the doe=meat and buck =trophy and let deer walk. Once they place these rules very seldom do they get reversed.
2.) Swamp Fox - 03/05/2015
If you hunt with gun and bow, how many deer and how many bucks can you take in a season before and after this regulation passes?

If I'm reading you right, you are allowed two bow bucks now, and this would be reduced to one?

I imagine someone thinks that by opening up bow season to crossbows they are going to increase hunter participation in bow season, thus they are lowering the buck limit. My guess would be that DNR's calculation-- for bucks, at least-- would change without the crossbows' inclusion. The way they look at it in places with healthy or high deer populations, though, crossbows are there to increase the kill.

Conversely, some states are expressing concern that their deer pops are hurting. I can think of several places where limits are being lowered or reconsidered, without any weapons regs or seasons etc. being liberalized as an offset.

Low bowhunter success rate at filling two tags doesn't jive with lowering the buck limit for "trophy" goals, but if the calculation is that there will be more hunters in the woods, all bets are off.

I do think that if you let hunters (general population) take two bucks, they consider the first one a freebie. It's getting shot at regardless of size. Tell hunters they don't get a freebie, and they'll be more selective.
3.) DropzOfWild - 03/05/2015
Right now by rule we can legally take 3 bucks however all must have 4 or more points on one side (eliminating monster 6 pointer I see) with exception of youth (no antler restrictions)

yes this would reduce to one "bow buck"

Crossbow issue I think is there to eliminate the cry babying because of the term "bow", utilizing a crossbow I don't think there is a bigger adaadvantage but would introduce more hunters. We have a "lower" than avg population due to a few years of disease so this makes no sense.

With the bow proposed changes also brings fire arm Changes as well.... moving seasoms around shortening them yadda yadda yadda. (I'm not a fan of firearm deer hunting)

I suppose to get the full understanding of the "stuff" one would need to read current regulations and the new suggestions.

I do agree with the freebie thought process to a degree. ...I'd like to think most bow hunters as "smart, educated and try to manage or be picky" as gun slingers are more if "brown it's down". (personal experience). Not stereotyping my fellow forum peeps just saying in general because I slam all the gun hunters I know personally.

I'd almost like them to incorporate the earn a buck as to where you must harvest a doe first which I think WI is like that before getting a buck.

Howeve,r we can voice opinion in meetings or via net site, my knowledge and seeing is that the majority of the time the changes take place. Oh well...we'll see how things play out
4.) toxophilite - 03/07/2015
in new York as it stands, we can get one gun season buck tag, one bow/muzzleloader either sex, and one bow/muzzleloader doe only tag. add the chance for 2 doe only deer management permits that's plenty to fill the freezer but they plan mandatory antler restrictions, one buck bag limit, and possible shortened seasons. they now allow crossbows during bow season even though they have to buy a muzzleloader tag in order to hunt :td: all I can say is good luck, times they are a changing, just not always for the better :re:
5.) toxophilite - 03/07/2015
if you shoot a buck during bow season that's it your done for the year, just doe tags for the next two months :tap: how many nice bucks do ya think i'll get to watch walk by next fall? :td:
6.) Swamp Fox - 03/07/2015
Are you saying a one-buck limit means that everyone will shoot the first buck that walks by, therefore decreasing your chances at a good older buck the following year?

It seems to me the areas with one-buck limits are the areas that have the reputations for high-quality buck hunting (Ohio, Kansas, etc., if my understanding is correct).
7.) toxophilite - 03/08/2015
I'm saying we have fought long and hard to get the tags and seasons we have, now they wish to erase 40 years of work by the dedicated sportsmen of this state and let the politicians and emotions of the anti-hunter minority change whats not broken:bang::bang::bang:
8.) Swamp Fox - 03/08/2015
So no biological or management reason given for lowering the buck limit?
9.) DropzOfWild - 03/08/2015
See...that's about the same thing here .....there's always been nice deer but because of the people hitting deer in populated & getting their flowers eaten they started messing with the rules and claim "management & quality" if they'd never jacked with it to begin with other than specific areas they wouldn't have high population in one spot and nothing in another. There were 3-4 counties that were devistated with cwd and "hear say" conservation went it and killed everything they seen to stop the genetics,now because of them counties the over all state pop is down so they want to change rules state wide....I guess they think of us as morons and as hunters, managers & "conservationists" we don't pay attention to the political BS. I guess I will have to get on their site and rant a bit lol