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1.) Wild Bob - 03/20/2015
I got some...anyone on here shoot and reload it? If you're interested let me know.
2.) Wild Bob - 03/23/2015
What the hell...I can't ever find a home for brass on this site. What do you guys do just shoot arrows???? :-)

I guess it would help if there were more than 4 or 5 people looking at this. :gang:
3.) Swamp Fox - 03/23/2015
Bob, if you want, you can make me some .257 Roberts. :wink I have plenty of brass. :-) Saving it up for the day when I have nothing else to do but get into reloading myself, I guess.

My go-to Hornady Custom has been discontinued and I'm almost out. Their Super Performance doesn't shoot well in my rifles (and not just in my Bobs). Fortunately, I know some of the Federals are more than decent.

Still, I might be getting closer to the big day...
4.) Wild Bob - 04/02/2015
Sorry Swampy... I don't have dies to resize.

But you should buy these...because [U]you will [/U] need them one day. :-)

Let's get creative here; and have a little fun with this...what do you got that you'd want to trade for them so that you'll have a good supply of casings for your .257? (Hunting, fishing, outdoor related - I don't need no stinking Anna Nicole blow up dolls or butt-out tools). :laugh: :cool:

A tasty whisker biscuit perhaps?

5.) Swamp Fox - 04/02/2015
The Butt-Out Tool is underestimated, and of course the Anna Nicole blow-up doll speaks for itself...Or does it? That's one of the nice things about blow-up dolls...Silence...Or so I've "heard." :wink

I have quite a collection of turkey decoys...The flock may need thinning...Mary's staying, though. :-) Also, I have wound up with a bunch of bow sights that may never get used. I went nuts on Alpine Sof-Lok quivers for some reason a while back. Backpacking packs in various sizes. A couple of boom boxes (you can play them outdoors because...batteries). Etc. I can't think real hard about it right now because I've been up since 3 this morning, LOL

But this reminds me...We haven't done Swampy's Flea Market and Swap Shop around here in a while. I'm sure the five of us can come up with something, LOL...
6.) bluecat - 04/02/2015
Will there be phone wagering?

The nice thing about the Nicole blow up doll when not being used in the carpool lane :wink is it also makes a nice air mattress or raft.
7.) Wild Bob - 04/06/2015
I like the idea of Swampy's Swap Shop...

Kinda reminds me of our local radio show we have every week day here. It's called 'Tradio' and anyone that has something they want to sell; trade or giveaway calls in and advertises it for the rest of us in radio land. (I got a kick out of the Old Fart with a sense of humor that called in trying to give away his wife! LOL).

I say we crank this up! Anything is fair game, but preferably with an outdoor / hunting spin, or not. What say you guys? :grin: