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1.) grandpawrichard - 04/15/2015
The Day I Lost My Composure:

This last hunting season I was out in the woods in my favorite spot, I hunt from the ground.

I was sitting there on my stool surveying the woods and carefully looking for the Big Buck that I had seen in this area quite a few times.

Suddenly, I caught a glimpse of him working his way through the brush. I was amazed how quietly a Big Bruiser like him could go through the heavy brush while making nary a sound. (I didn't loose my composure)

Slowly, he kept edging ever so close to my clearing. He was taking his own sweet time and he was constantly scanning the woods for Danger. (I still didn't loose my composure)

He was getting so close to the clearing that I figured I had best get ready for my shot. I slowly stood up as quietly as possible. I was hidden from his view as I did so. Just as I got totally stood up, he looked straight at me. I froze and didn't even dare to breath! (I still didn't Loose my composure)

Unalarmed the buck started moving again and he went into a little bunch of buck brush; so I raised my bow, he stepped out of the brush and again looked straight at me. I froze again! (I still didn't loose my composure)

He began to move again, as his head went behind a big Cedar tree, I drew my bow. He stood there with his Vital area hidden behind the tree. I was standing there at full draw for what seemed forever. (I still didn't loose my composure)

Suddenly a squirrel came running straight at me and he ran up the inside of my Left pant leg. ( I still didn't Loose my composure)

Just as the Big Buck slowly began to move forward, another squirrel came running at me and went up the inside of my Right pant leg. (I still didn't loose my composure)

Finally the big buck was ready to step out into the clear and I was totally ready to let the arrow fly to his Vitals. That's when I suddenly heard one little squirrel say to the other

"Shall we eat them here or shall we take them home?"

That's When I Lost My Composure!

Written by
Richard M. (Dick) Raymond Jr.
2005 Richard M. (Dick) Raymond Jr.
2.) Swamp Fox - 04/15/2015

I remember that one!
3.) Wild Bob - 04/21/2015
4.) Triton Rich - 04/22/2015
5.) bluecat - 04/22/2015
I thought you were going to say "Oh nuts!"