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1.) Swamp Fox - 04/21/2015

Anybody know where I can find small quantities of these, in metal, beefy, for one-inch strap and with a larger gate? I looked on the site that posted the pic of this plastic one and came up snake eyes.

They're used on tack and it seems like some military-issue gear, but I can't find where I can buy any on line.
2.) bluecat - 04/21/2015
Look at this. [url]http://catalog.dj-associates.com/category/military-hardware[/url]

Drop Forged Snap. Is that close?
3.) bluecat - 04/21/2015
I've always found the toughest part of finding stuff like this is learning the correct name for it. Once you find that, then you can search pretty easy.
4.) Swamp Fox - 04/21/2015
I'm calling it a snap buckle. I've found some stuff that way, but nothing without a leather strap attached, or nothing stand-alone in metal.

The link you gave is TOO beefy. What I'm looking for looks like my pic of the plastic part above, just bigger and in a flat (stamped?) metal. Seems like I used to see these snaps on canvas military duffels, seabags and that kind of thing. If all else fails I'll call or visit a tack shop, but I'd rather find something online.
5.) bluecat - 04/21/2015
Yeah, I wasn't implying you named it incorrectly. Just making a comment that everything seems to have a specific name and until you say the magic word you can't find it LOL!

I might have a couple if you are interested. Whenever something wears out, I always (probably like you too) harvest all the hardware off of it. I think mine are larger than an inch though.
6.) Swamp Fox - 04/21/2015
You're right...You should have seen me looking for a part until I figured out it was called a spring button, LOL...Then, Wa-La!

You're right: I strip everything before anything gets thrown away, LOL. This is why I have everything you could possibly want but can't imagine someone having with them in the Bronco, LOL...:grin:

Bigger is better than smaller in this case. I could make do. Hang on to them for the time being and save the postage, 'cause I might send you some rope for a tree harness fairly soon and have you send me some back. I'm trying to find some time to work with it myself first, but we'll see.
7.) bluecat - 04/21/2015
Cool. :tu:
8.) bluecat - 04/21/2015
btw, this is called an offset clevis...:cool:

9.) Swamp Fox - 04/21/2015

What is it in German? :ach:
10.) bluecat - 04/21/2015

Who knew!
11.) Swamp Fox - 04/21/2015


"Der", I assume---Looks pretty masculine to me, but you never can tell...I mean, this Bruce Jenner thing has German grammarians all flustered now...LOL
12.) bluecat - 04/21/2015

Probably your safest bet is "Das" on Bruce/Jen.
13.) Wild Bob - 04/21/2015
"Beefy Snap Buckles" That just sounds wrong...and I don't wanna know why you want them. :wink
14.) Swamp Fox - 04/21/2015
You're thinking of snappy beef buckles...Whole different thing, there...:wink
15.) VAarcher - 05/01/2015
Tandy leather
16.) Swamp Fox - 05/01/2015
Awesome...Great idea to check a leather crafts supplier.

Looks like they have something that's workable, and now I know where to get some other neat stuff, like spring clips.

Thanks very much! :wave: