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1.) Swamp Fox - 06/22/2015
I'm looking for something like a qwikee quiver bracket, except without the screw knob tightener. Female will be mounted to the side of a cooler and male on a cylindrical rod tube. The goal is to have the capability to easily attach or remove the tubes for transport of the cooler in the smallest profile possible. Plastic that is easily drilled or metal that is pre-drilled or not too difficult to work with preferred, and stainless if I can get it.

I'm thinking an Igloo water jug cup sleeve bracket might work for the female (not sure if it will hold up the weight of a fishing rod bouncing around) but I don't know what I'm looking at as far as a male counterpart goes.

Any ideas?
2.) Swamp Fox - 06/22/2015
Male could be a spring clip, I suppose, if it will screw on to a rod tube and I can mate it to a female track that will hold the clip and tube securely.
3.) Jon - 06/23/2015
I use golf club tubes for my arrow holder on my 3d chair, they are flexible enough but also sturdy enough if that makes sense.
4.) Swamp Fox - 06/23/2015
Huh! Who knew those were so inexpensive! That's a great idea if the ID will work on most freshwater rod butts. You just strap one to a section of your chair? I might try those one or two places.

So far, the spring clip from a leather supply house (as VAArcher pointed me to) with a cup sleeve bracket from the good people at the Igloo Replacement Parts Dept. is my one and only idea, but that's all dependent on how well and sturdily the two parts mate.

On a bigger, wider cooler that I use when I'm after something bigger than a bass, and when I can mount holders on the handle sides (my project above is for the holders to be on the back side, under the hinges, for deck space reasons) I'm using two sets of the three-tube rigs, attached to the cooler handles with those super-duper twist ties that have appeared in stores in the last few years. I have minor complaints, but all in all I'm pretty happy with that. I'll change my tune if a handle pulls out and a good rod breaks or goes overboard, but until then...

Here are the ties and rod holders I'm talking about. You can see how you can use the horizontal brace(s) to tie the rod holder unit to things like cooler handles, etc. The ties come in black or several disco colors if you prefer that. I bet you could tie one to your pull-up rope and have a soft, quiet, quick-tie dealio if you're not into jerry-rigging fishing gear...:wink

5.) Triton Rich - 06/23/2015
[B]I assume these rod holders are just to transport the rods to the fishing spot or is the intent to actually fish with the rods in the holder?[/B]
6.) Triton Rich - 06/23/2015
[B]Sure, post the answer as I'm typing my question just to make me look foolish! :-)[/B]
7.) Swamp Fox - 06/23/2015
No, just for transport. Good question, LOL. I should have explained that.
8.) Swamp Fox - 06/23/2015

I've had some coffee this morning in case you can't tell...
9.) Triton Rich - 06/23/2015
[B]Looks like you are way ahead of my idea anyway. I was thinking along the lines of two screw heads and slots similar to how you hang a phone on the wall. [/B]
10.) Swamp Fox - 06/23/2015
Well, heck, that would probably work. Would just need to cut the proper slots in individual tubes, or in the crosspiece of the multi-tube style above, and be careful not to bang the bolts around, so as to protect the cooler.
11.) The Old Man - 06/23/2015
How important is the release capability? Why not just leave the three rod holder attached? Makes it easier.
12.) Wild Bob - 06/23/2015
Good point Old Man...That’s kind of what I was thinking, but I was afraid to ask. We all know how vicious Swampy can get when someone questions his intentions...:wink
13.) Swamp Fox - 06/23/2015
LOL...Vicious?...Really? :wink

I have a couple of small coolers with rod tubes permanently attached, but for this bigger one I would like to fit it into some spaces where the tubes would prevent.

But you know what I see in my future? One of these coolers with permanent tubes and one with removable, LOL. That is how I got to be the King of Coolers, as I have mentioned elsewhere, LOL.
14.) Wild Bob - 06/23/2015

Just giving you some grief on Tuesday afternoon Muchacho! :-)