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1.) crookedeye - 07/20/2015
my hoyts been hanging up on the pegs since last august I took it down and blew the dust off it, and was going to take a couple shots with it and notice the peep was 90 degrees off from the string loop.. took it in and they put it in the press and straighten it out by making a few twist here and there by the cams ..I thought you moved the strings by the peep..AnD.. whats the best method to rotate youre peep?? I wondering if making a twist by the cam would throw anything off..
2.) Jon - 07/20/2015
Generally, putting a half or full twist fixes the peep rotation but if the string is more than a few years old and it twisted over the off season, it's time to get a new string.
3.) crookedeye - 07/20/2015
the strings only is about 3 years old with about 127 shots on it..lol that's all I need..will twisting the string take the shot off?? thanks jonny boy..
4.) crookedeye - 07/20/2015
it seems to be shooting pretty good.. I had it hanging by the strings all year..i almost went back to the rubber band peep..my strings on my z7 are 5 years old and the peep hasnt rotated..i shot that one at least 5....maybe 600 shots... I just like to get loosin up...
5.) Jon - 07/20/2015
Twisting it up won't affect the shot, it won't change a thing unless the guy put more than a few twists in it. All that's needed is probably one full twist and that changes nada.
If I waz u, I'd store it in the attic at full draw where it can get nice and hot, that seems to make everything better.......
6.) crookedeye - 07/20/2015
that year I went elk hunting I had it real close to the fire in the cabin..we where out in the field and decided to take a shot the next day..sure enough my peep rotated..it kinda sucks when youre in the elk woods and youre peep rotates...and this was with a good string...
7.) billy b - 07/20/2015
It'll be ok if the string hasn't stretched very much, align the peep & shoot it as long as it doesn't have over 128 shots on it:wink
8.) crookedeye - 07/20/2015
plus the time when we where in the boat crossing over the lake..when I looked at my pins my 50 yard pin was bent...I threw a little rant that my pin got bent said a couple of choice words... then everyone started talkin like I couldn't hit anything at 50 yards anyhow.... there was no respect..lol,,
9.) Jon - 07/20/2015
the thought of you in the Elk woods makes me chuckle......
10.) crookedeye - 07/20/2015
jon I am a surpreme elk hunter... and caller.. you do no want an elk chuckle is don't you?? An elk chulkles...billy you should pay attention to this also...an elk chuckles to call in a female elk.
11.) crookedeye - 07/20/2015
why when do you want to go???
12.) Hunter - 07/20/2015
Everything CE does makes me chuckle! :grin:
13.) crookedeye - 07/20/2015
i'm ready to go elk hunting if anyone whats to step up to the plate...
14.) billy b - 07/21/2015
[QUOTE=crookedeye..billy you should pay attention to this also...an elk chuckles to call in a female elk.[/QUOTE]

I chuckle when I hear your stories too:wink
15.) BULLZ-i - 07/21/2015
[QUOTE=Jon;33264]the thought of you in the Elk woods makes me chuckle......[/QUOTE]

16.) Jon - 07/21/2015
Women have that same reaction I've heard