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1.) Old Crow - 03/17/2013
Some times its hard for us to slow down and "see the forest through the trees"
[COLOR="#FF0000"]What are some of the little things that you have found after struggling with.[/COLOR] [/U][/I][/B]

So often we are focused on our own personal development that set up and or deterioration of equipment can take the longest to detect and fine tune.

1)I had a whammy rest set screw loosen up and it was giving me intermittent function and drove me nuts for an extended period before it became obvious ..... by the time it was detected I was distraught in my personal ability and the bow I had recently bought and put the rest on.

2)Today I finally tended to a rotating peep .... mind you we are talking about a 1/8 of a turn ... that I would manually adjust from time to time ...but from a target shooting perspective it is just lunacy to continue to allow a continual variation in your rear sight picture.

What are your details ????
2.) Swamp Fox - 03/17/2013
I thought this was gonna be about hummingbirds and quiet moments with your daughters, if you have any...

I have enough trouble with the big stuff that I can't worry about the little things, LOL...
3.) crookedeye - 03/17/2013
1) is my issues with alex..that and my friggin insulation up in my attic
2)is how cold can i get a can of beer..
4.) Old Crow - 03/17/2013
You goobers .... back to Podunk .... trying to have a constructive thread here .... plenty of simple stumbling blocks that reduce accuracy ... come up with at least one to redeem your selves ... :bang::re::wink
5.) Vortex69 - 03/18/2013
Unknown to me, my center serving was slowly migrating north. Can't remember how many times I moved that sight till I figured it out. I now use plenty of tension when doing a CS. That, and a small sharpie mark just above the CS, has me thinkin that that will not be an issue in the future.
6.) Ventilator - 03/19/2013
The two screws holding the Y on a limbdriver WILL loosen up on you. This causes left and right misses when spot shooting. Took me a week of cussing to notice. Put some blue loctite and its been good to go. I also take a sharpie and mark an outline on my riser around my entire rest and sights. I have micro adj lines on the sight and i mark those as well. I mark the string above and below the peep, d-loop and where my ripcord rest attaches to the cable on my hunting bow. Being on the road hunting all them time allows for my bow to get beat up pretty bad in transit sometimes. This saved me last year in Colorado. I had to take a few shots using the truck headlights to make sure i got things adjusted back to normal.
7.) Bob Peck - 03/19/2013
I hate to sound like an old geezer but I'm gonna. Back in the day it *was* all about the little things. I was about as OCD as one can get which is beyond meticulous and detail oriented. My set up was checked, rechecked and check again just about every time I practiced. I'm talking stripped down, rebuilt, micro-tuned if need be. No problem or ultra-minor concern was let go. I was on it.

Now? Eh. Not so much.

If I'm building a bow from scratch the old ways come back but my steady hunting/shooting rigs get the cursory once over looking for cracked limbs or something obvious. Even if my arrows aren't landing precisely where I want I'm at the point where I hang up the bow and check for the same pattern on the next practice session.

The little things that bug me now have more to do with strategy gone wrong or gear I packed that I didn't need or gear I didn't pack that I needed.
8.) hoyt_em - 03/20/2013
Peep alignment, peep to scope size, replacing a scope lens in the same position as it was (focal points aren't always in the center, and that WILL move impact point).

Draw length being off (always longer)...

This list could be endless...
9.) luv2bowhunt - 03/20/2013
I'm with Bob P. I worry more about why my deer setup failed or how to setup for the prevailing winds next time or where I should be moving to.

Todays gear seems rock solid to me, nothing like in the 70's. Arrow through the ribcage is what concerns me most with the equipment.
10.) Jon - 03/20/2013
[COLOR="#006400"]Generally, by simply banging the side of one of your limbs on your palm, you can hear if something (hardware wise) has come loose. I do this before every outing with the bow and it has saved me (and allot of friends) some headache. Good practice to get into.[/COLOR]