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1.) Wild Bob - 08/24/2015
Gentlemen! I’m looking forward to being in this little competition with you guys, let's go big on this. :tu:

So what's in a name?

What do we want from a ‘Team Name’... (A rally motto, a strong name, a term that promotes an ideal, something intimidating, a humorous play on something?)

Any brilliant ideas Billy or Deerslayer?
2.) Swamp Fox - 08/25/2015
I'm thinking "Wild Bob and the Lonesome Prairie"....


3.) luv2bowhunt - 08/25/2015
I'm thinking; 'Beer slayers and an old guy'

.....you can sort out the details among yourselves.
4.) Swamp Fox - 08/25/2015

LOL :tu:
5.) Wild Bob - 08/25/2015
Great. :re:

Way to go team. Thanks. May be a little chime in or support about now would be in order...:pray:

Or, we can just let the two monkeys poke holes in our water bag. :wink
6.) Swamp Fox - 08/25/2015
7.) Wild Bob - 08/25/2015
How about in the great spirit of Redneckism..."Billy-Bob Slayer?" :-)
8.) Wild Bob - 08/26/2015
How about...'The Abandoned' or the 'The Lost Ones'? LOL.

Come on Billy and Deerslayer, help me out here or I'm going to name the Team on my own...just so we don't have to suffer the creative satirical whim of Swampy. :-)
9.) Swamp Fox - 08/26/2015
You're a wise man, Wild Bob :wink...Although I do think "Wild Bob and the Lonesome Prairie" has a nice sound to it, and not too cruel, LOL

Also, you could use it for your Western swing band...
10.) Wild Bob - 08/26/2015

Well, I just read on the other thread that Billy is OK with any name...so unless I hear from Deerslayer soon - I'm going to commit to a name and ask for forgiveness later. :wink
11.) Swamp Fox - 08/26/2015
12.) billy b - 08/26/2015
13.) bluecat - 08/26/2015
The Three Stooges

nyuk nyuk :wave:
14.) Wild Bob - 08/26/2015

This is tougher than I thought. Too many good ideas...
15.) Wild Bob - 08/26/2015
Unless my compadres express displeasure...I going to take a historical slant on this:

[B]Team 5's name: "The Rough Riders" [/B]

(I mean, [I]who wouldn't [/I]have wanted to be part of that group??) :tu:

Swampy - I like your name re the lonesome prairie, it makes sense on my end...but I wanted something group related including the others. (I know, I know...I'm sure I'll get grief for admitting that. :re:)
16.) billy b - 08/26/2015
We might just need some charmin:wink

Awwwww ain't you sweet WB
17.) Wild Bob - 08/26/2015
Sorry guys...leave to Blue to put the twist on a name. No matter, I guess if he didn't think of something Swampy would have. :bad:

18.) Swamp Fox - 08/26/2015
Um...:wink...That was something that crossed my mind but somehow I kept my mouth shut, LOL.

I surprise even myself sometimes...
19.) Swamp Fox - 08/26/2015
Another one of my ideas rhymed with Dump Rangers...which is as far as I'm willing to go today...Maybe tomorrow I'll be feeling feistier, LOL...

Actually, with the right combination of Hunting Country teammates, Dump Rangers would be a pretty good name on its own merits...I know from personal experience :grin:...Which reminds me: I need to start supper...LOL
20.) Deerslayer88 - 09/11/2015
Im liking beerslayer and a old guy!
21.) Wild Bob - 09/11/2015