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1.) Wild Bob - 08/27/2015
The season is almost upon us once again! :grin:

Anyone going to chase these little guys this year? McRut or Bowfish maybe???

You guys that don't normally hunt these little buggers really aught to give it a go...it's a lot of fun. The right spot, a comfortable seat, a cold pop, a little camo and a 20 ga is about all you need for a pleasant afternoon. Don't say I didn't tell you so!
2.) Forkie McRut - 08/28/2015
I'm ready to go. Fresh batteries in the Mojo Dubs and the shotty clean. Fields have been cut for about a week now. Dub numbers look good judging by how many we've seen flying around the farms and sitting on the wires.

Downside is it is supposed to be 92 for the opener. Can't run the dog as much in that heat.
3.) Swamp Fox - 08/28/2015
That's what little kids are for...Or at least that's one of their main benefits, as far as I can tell. :wink

I'd dove hunt more if I were even halfway decent at wing shooting, LOL. I am left eye-dominant, right-handed, and slow as a bag of balloons. Maybe I could beat it if I shot more, but I pretty much gave up a long time ago...LOL.

Now that I say that, though, I'm getting access to much better dove land than I've had in the past these days...Fat lot of good that does me. What I really need is deer land, squirrel woods and fishing water. But maybe it's a sign I should embrace the suck and get back in the game. :-)
4.) Wild Bob - 08/28/2015
Forkie: Awesome! :tu: Good luck to you and remember to get some pictures. I hear you on the heat...but that always seems to be the case. I'm not much of a soda kind of guy, but I'll tell ya, if there is one thing I enjoy it’s a cold iced down cooler of RC while dove hunting the opener. Must be some kind of subliminal connection to my troubled youth...

Not acceptable Swamp Master: Now break out your pirate eye patch, pull out your great grandpa's scatter gun and get out there. There's only one way you're going to get better at wing shooting - it’s the same as archery...you just got to do it and practice it. Sounds like you got some opportunities, so I agree its time to get back in the game. Remember; we all know you used to shake 'em down; all you got to do is get into the mix! :-)
5.) Forkie McRut - 08/28/2015
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;34237]That's what little kids are for...Or at least that's one of their main benefits, as far as I can tell. :wink

He'll get his turn the following weekend on Saturday and Labor Day. He's more than willing to do it and often fights the dog to see who can get to them first. However, he's got a nagging mother than wants him to get an edyookashun and won't let him skip school for the opener.

You don't have to be decent at wing shooting to have a good time dub hunting. Heck, you miss 3x and within minutes you're given another opportunity to redeem yourself.
6.) Wild Bob - 09/01/2015
Was out scouting last evening and saw a lot of birds! Also saw a couple of decent 4 point white-tail bucks (8 pointers for you guys in the east) which was great to see! :tu:

I'm cutting out early to hunt this evening, good luck Forkie and anyone else that is bird hunting today.
7.) Swamp Fox - 09/01/2015
Aarr! :wink

8.) luv2bowhunt - 09/01/2015
Good luck Bob!!
9.) Wild Bob - 09/02/2015
We got out hunting..it was hot, and we were late (due to waiting on my boys getting out of school :re:) so we didn't get my choice of field to hunt...That being said, we got some birds (only 4 total), my oldest son out shot me and accounted for 3 of those birds :tu:.

Trying to upload a couple of pics, but photobucket is being difficult this AM so, pics will come later...

Any other reports???
10.) Forkie McRut - 09/02/2015
Went out in 92 degrees and sunny. Bird numbers were lower than last week. For some reason, they were flaring bad despite being hidden in the corn. Ended up downing 18 over 4hrs between 2 of us. Worst opener I can remember. Bright side was the dog was able to go into the corn and retrieve 4 birds we otherwise likely wouldn't have recovered.
11.) Wild Bob - 09/07/2015
Here's some pictures from our Dove season so far...mostly my two boys and also my oldest son's friend. These are from two hunts; this was the first time dove hunting for my son's friend and he had a ball...I think the smile on his face says it all!
12.) crookedeye - 09/07/2015
nice pics..
13.) Swamp Fox - 09/07/2015
Make sure you enter those in the SG/O contest....Real nice...I'll set up a thread for entries as soon as possible...
14.) billy b - 09/07/2015
Brings back memories of my younger days with my brothers & Dad.
15.) Hunter - 09/08/2015
Dove season............ I suck

 photo image.jpg1_zps1thjp6ve.jpg
16.) Hunter - 09/08/2015
Dove math....... 10=2
17.) Forkie McRut - 09/08/2015
Great pics, WildBob Looks like he's hooked