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1.) Hunter - 09/01/2015
2.) Hunter - 09/01/2015
3.) Hunter - 09/01/2015
4.) Hunter - 09/01/2015
5.) Swamp Fox - 09/01/2015
Hunter, do you feed cottonseed meal at all or just whole seed? Raw and fuzzy or cleaned? I can't imagine it makes any real difference to the deer, LOL, but what do I know? Just curious.

Also, are you getting it from the gin or buying from the farmer, or what?

It's not a big cotton year here, but it might amuse me and keep me off the streets and out of the alleyways to play around with it to prep for next year. How are you storing it, assuming you are buying it in large quantities?
6.) Hunter - 09/01/2015
It is just the raw and fuzzy seeds. It comes in 50lb bags. We buy pallets of bags from an Ag dealer.
You can buy it in bulk but the extra handling of it doesn't out weigh the little savings in our opinion.
7.) Hunter - 09/01/2015
When we introduced it 3 years ago, it took the deer a while to acclimate to it. But now it is a magnet! It is made even more economical as nothing else eats it (except cows if they are around) and it is rain resistant. We have 80+ cotton seed baskets spread out over 17,000 acres in addition to 30 protein troughs.
8.) Swamp Fox - 09/01/2015
[QUOTE=Hunter;34311]It is just the raw and fuzzy seeds. It comes in 50lb bags. We buy pallets of bags from an Ag dealer.
You can buy it in bulk but the extra handling of it doesn't out weigh the little savings in our opinion.[/QUOTE]

Around here it seems like the advice is to go to the farmer or the gin. I've got a gin that's convenient. I'll have to ask some of the feed stores...They seem pretty hit or miss on wildlife stuff, though, even on some of he stuff you'd think would be fairly popular, like specific varieties of oats, or dicalcium phosphate for mineral licks.

Or maybe I'm just too picky and critical....LOL
9.) Swamp Fox - 09/01/2015
How many pallets per thousand acres would you say?
10.) Hunter - 09/01/2015
1 ton per pallet. It takes us about 6.5 - 7 tons to fill a all baskets
11.) luv2bowhunt - 09/01/2015
What is this cotton you speak of? Don't have much of that around here.

Nice looking bucks Ted!:wave:
12.) Swamp Fox - 09/01/2015
At that rate, do you have to store seed or is it all going out at once? I assume you buy in the mid-fall and hold over until after the rut?
13.) Hunter - 09/01/2015
We don't store it. We put it out as we buy it. We start right after the rut and pretty much continue through the next 8 months. The deer will go through a load in about 3 weeks!
14.) Swamp Fox - 09/01/2015
I'll have to see if I can find a way to buy like that. I'm wondering if the gin or a farmer will want to sell everything in one pop when they have it on hand. I'd have to do some fast talking to handle a ton of cotton seed all at one time, LOL...
15.) Jon - 09/01/2015
Swampy, is this cotton talk sorta like the AR talk? Are you really going to use cotton seed on your leased land where you'll have to build those wire mesh feeders and do all that work filling them just to experiment? I mean, where will all this free time come from? You couldn't have that much time away from your high tech war room could you?
16.) Swamp Fox - 09/01/2015

I was thinking about doing most of it on a hunt club, where I'd have some help...Just trying to get the lay of the land to see if I can squeeze it in, LOL