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1.) Swamp Fox - 09/14/2015
Just sayin'...


BTW, has anyone found a football website or blog they like to read for analysis, predictions, team or game discussions etc.? Not a forum...rather a site with articles, etc.

College and/or pro.

I have kinda jumped around a little bit over the last couple of years and haven't found anything too good across the board, but I'm sure I've missed something.

Or maybe just a sportswriter or blogger that you like to follow regularly.

Maybe Crookedeye should start a website...LOL

2.) Swamp Fox - 09/14/2015
Also, I've been wondering: Is that the Obamacare Pajama Boy in the new GE commercials?

He might be cashing in on that... Wouldn't be the dumbest thing someone could do...:-)
3.) Swamp Fox - 09/14/2015
You know what I can't stand?

You hit the ground and lose the ball and it's not a fumble...

When I was a kid and walking uphill both ways to school, you had to maintain control of the ball no questions asked, or you'd blown it.

This is a bad sign for our nation...
4.) Swamp Fox - 09/14/2015
You know the other thing I can't stand?

When a catch is not a catch, when it was clearly a catch....

Freakin' lawyers writing the rules these days, or sumpn...

And I'm a Giants fan in this game....:re:

5.) billy b - 09/14/2015
Seattle lost.
Cowgirls lost.
6.) Swamp Fox - 09/14/2015
Delete that post please...Quickly...I haven't watched the game yet, LOL
7.) billy b - 09/14/2015
You won't see it till the last play.
8.) Swamp Fox - 09/14/2015
9.) BULLZ-i - 09/14/2015
10.) billy b - 09/14/2015
Boy, I'll never do that again, you just can't tell about Romo, the Giants gave the game away by throwing & stopping the clock when they didn't have to. I don't understand that but I'll sure take it.
11.) Triton Rich - 09/14/2015
[B]I was wondering what the heck you were talking about Billy. I thought I was losing my mind this morning but apparently, it's you! :-):grin: [/B]
12.) billy b - 09/14/2015
I gave up on them with a minute & a half left & NY had the ball on the cowgirls 10 yard line, then Manning had a brain fart & turned it all around.
13.) Jon - 09/14/2015
Believe it or not, Eli can be worse than Romo
14.) Triton Rich - 09/14/2015
[QUOTE=Jon;34565]Believe it or not, Eli can be worse than Romo[/QUOTE]
[B]......but neither of them could be nearly as bad as Cutler![/B]
15.) crookedeye - 09/14/2015
texas a&m will be in the playoffs this year.
16.) billy b - 09/14/2015
What about Nebraska?
17.) crookedeye - 09/14/2015
i don't no billy..i still havnt gottin over the fireing of Bo.. i'm still a Nebraska fan..matter of fact i luv Nebraska football..this next weeks game just might get me fired up .. going to Miami and playing the hurricanes..