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1.) Swamp Fox - 10/09/2015
We need a good name for this dish, which at least one person thinks is worth going to jail over. Enter your suggestions below, and if there's a clear winner, I'll edit the thread title.



You'll need:

- 1 pound of cooked gemelli pasta.

- 1 ½ ounces of roasted pork bacon crumbles.

- 1 ¾ ounces of roasted jalapeños, chopped coarse.

- 2 ½ cups, 1 tablespoon of cheese sauce. (Union Street Market uses vendor bought sauce. (Here's a delicious cheese sauce recipe from The Kitchn.)

- 3 ¾ ounces of shredded cheddar jack cheese

- ½ teaspoon of spice red pepper, crushed.

Method of Preparation


1. In a large mixing bowl, mix gemelli, cheese sauce, chopped jalapenos, and 1 pound 3 ounces of roasted bacon crumbles. Mix well.

2. Pan spray vegalene into one or two half-sized pans.

3. Evenly divide the mac & cheese mixture into the pans.

4. Cover with parchment and foil.

Time of service:

1. Bake in a 350 degree convection over covered for 30 minutes.

2. Uncover and spread the cheddar/jack/crushed red pepper cheese blend on top.

3. Place back in the oven for 15 minutes or until golden brown.

4. Hold hot for service.
2.) Swamp Fox - 10/09/2015
Edit function seems broken again.

Here's the cheese sauce link mentioned above:

3.) bluecat - 10/09/2015
Mac 10 and Cheese
4.) bluecat - 10/09/2015
Mac 10 and Cheese
5.) bluecat - 10/09/2015
Liberal Entitlement "You work for me" Mac and Cheese

"So good you just can't stand down"
6.) Swamp Fox - 10/09/2015
[QUOTE=bluecat;35166]Mac 10 and Cheese[/QUOTE]

That's pretty good.

The only thing I've been able to come up with so far is "Jailbait Mac N Cheese" but that might be confusing to some of my dinner guests...LOL

Maybe "Felony Delicious Mac N Cheese"...Don't make me call a lawyer...It just sounds better than Mmmmisdemeanor Mac N Cheese...Or does it? Let's ask Bill and Hillary.....Maybe Miranda Mac N Cheese...
7.) Swamp Fox - 10/09/2015
Felonious Mac N Cheese?

Play some jazz in the background when you have people over...
8.) bluecat - 10/09/2015
Good one.

Mac N'titlement Cheese

"Have a Liberal Helping"
9.) Swamp Fox - 10/09/2015
LOL...That could be a winner...Er, I mean a participant....

10.) bluecat - 10/09/2015
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;35176]Felonious Mac N Cheese?

Play some jazz in the background when you have people over...[/QUOTE]

Of course you would limit the tunes played, when to play them, how long to play them as authorized by the review committee right? A slight fee would be requested at the door to pay for said committee. Good times.
11.) Swamp Fox - 10/09/2015
There would be trouble if some arrogant jackass who doesn't know a payroll from a casserole came into my kitchen after a good meal and told me I didn't cook that...
12.) bluecat - 10/09/2015
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;35184]There would be trouble if some arrogant jackass who doesn't know a payroll from a casserole came into my kitchen after a good meal and told me I didn't cook that...[/QUOTE]

13.) bluecat - 10/09/2015
...and then tried to take all your rolling pins and pastry nozzles.
14.) Swamp Fox - 10/09/2015
Common-sense implement control...

"Kitchens like ours"----What, [B][I]*English*[/I][/B] kitchens? ...Has he ever tried the food over there? :duh:...No thanks.

Besides, I thought we went in a different direction a few hundred years ago...

I'll give up my cheeseburger when you pry it from my greasy fingers, and slide a nice juicy steak in front of me instead.

(Yeah, I'm talking to you too, Michelle....You heard me! )

15.) Swamp Fox - 10/09/2015
The thought just occurred to me:: You should make this when you have your liberal outlaws over for Thanksgiving this year...Your head might want to explode all over the dinner table, but you'll be laughing inside...:wink
16.) bluecat - 10/09/2015
Interestingly when it our turn to host Christmas I always smoke a big brisket or turkey that I've shot - get up at 0'dark thirty so when they roll in everything is cooked and ready -make home pies and desserts, homemade salsa, homemade wine etc. etc.

When it is their turn, they buy some sliced meat from HyVee, desserts and liters of Coke. It's the thought that counts right? LOL!
17.) DParker - 10/09/2015
No civilian needs a high-capacity 40 qt stock pot. Only trained chefs should be allowed to own such implements of mashed potatoes.
18.) Swamp Fox - 10/09/2015

Arm the lunch ladies?

Send the UN in to the school cafeterias to look for weapons of mass indigestion...They never find anything...

Better yet, agree to let the lunch ladies do it themselves, and have them self-report.
19.) DParker - 10/09/2015
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;35194]:-)

Arm the lunch ladies?[/QUOTE]

20.) Swamp Fox - 10/09/2015
Those are some guns, there...
21.) bluecat - 10/09/2015
You guys are on fire I tell ya.
22.) Swamp Fox - 10/09/2015
They're starting a new band:

[I]Guns 'N' Cottage Cheese[/I]
23.) bluecat - 10/09/2015

Damn Christians with their egg nog and bourbon. Lest you get all high and mighty, they have a history that goes way back of moldy fruitcakes, crappy sweaters and cheap gifts from Walgreens.
24.) bluecat - 10/09/2015
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;35203]They're starting a new band:

[I]Guns 'N' Cottage Cheese[/I][/QUOTE]

:-) LOL!
25.) Swamp Fox - 10/09/2015
Before you go back 700 or a thousand years, let's remember high horses originated in America WAAAY before that, and we're damn proud of it.


26.) bluecat - 10/09/2015
:dh: :wink
27.) Swamp Fox - 10/09/2015

I'll have to find where I scribbled down my last good horse pun...I've been saving it...
28.) bluecat - 10/10/2015
You've got more self control than I do Swampy.
29.) bluecat - 10/10/2015
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;35198]Those are some guns, there...[/QUOTE]I would favor stricter gun control measures. :wave:
30.) Swamp Fox - 10/10/2015
[QUOTE=bluecat;35213]You've got more self control than I do Swampy.[/QUOTE]

No, I've just been misplacing a lot of stuff lately...
31.) Swamp Fox - 10/10/2015
[QUOTE=bluecat;35214]I would favor stricter gun control measures. :wave:[/QUOTE]

You're confusing gun control with self control...or a glandular problem...:wink