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1.) Wild Bob - 12/08/2015
So being the time of year that it is; and knowing the entries that are on my calendar (some by choice, some by obligation) it got me wondering about all the exciting Christmas Parties everyone else will be going to (or may have already gone to). So let's hear what everyone has slated for their social calendar...

One event that [I]I am particularly excited about [/I](that's meant sarcastically!) is coming up this Friday evening. I'm on the board for a local nursing home, and honestly, for about two years now; I've kind of dodged the annual Christmas Party...but this year me and the wife are going. I'm not sure what to expect...:lol::duh::ek: It could be kind of fun or it may end up being like a trip to the dentist's office!

-However, on a positive note; my employer decided to forgo the annual uncomfortable Christmas gathering and is instead going to give out some local 'Chamber Bucks.' These are money certificates that are accepted by local retailers, which our local hunting and outdoor store just so happens to accept...So I am looking forward to that!
2.) bluecat - 12/08/2015
Kids from the local high school come over every year and shave my back. It's not much but it's something.
3.) Swamp Fox - 12/08/2015

I used to have several Christmas party options each year (work-related). It was possible to go to two or even three parties and have a lot of the same people there. How fun is that! LOL I quit going a long time ago when the parties got to the point that they were less about a party and more about a mingle, if you know what I mean.

I've always been self-employed with my own office and a kind of peer-and-support network in other locations, so that makes a big difference in the social landscape, as well. It's not the same thing as going to a party with people you are really close to or that you see all the time. Lots of shop talk, which I have a low tolerance for.

So at some point I found I'd rather be elsewhere than at a Christmas party, especially as the number of Santa's Sexy Helpers at these things took a nosedive somewhere in the late 90's, for some reason, LOL .

All my rowdy friends have settled down, moved away, or are at Camp Swampy these days, anyway :wink.

Sometimes my sister has a party, and those are usually fun. But it's a bit of a haul to get over there, and the women aren't as young as they used to be...LOL

So I guess what I'm saying is don't try to live vicariously through me! :shocked::wink
4.) Swamp Fox - 12/08/2015
You know another thing that sucks about Christmas parties?

Everybody knows you're a big-time hunter and you have to field questions and talk about it, or about guns or bows or animal behavior, with people who don't know anything about any of it. LOL

I guess always bringing some kind of wild game dish to the parties that were covered dish doesn't help, but I always figured that's what people wanted me to do. LOL. I was like the last surviving member of a long-lost tribe, and everybody expected to see me show up with a warthog casserole and part of my shrunken head collection. :wink
5.) bluecat - 12/08/2015
You should come to some of my shindigs. The whole time, the liberals/progressives/democrats (everybody but me) are talking about how stupid the conservatives are and how gun control would stop all the violence. It's a real hoot.

I generally try to grab the pecan pie and head to another room for some alone time.

fyi, in the past I have put on the blue paint but it's just not worth the effort. Obama and Hillary are like Gods to these people. No blood relation though. My side of the family just ain't that stupid.
6.) Swamp Fox - 12/08/2015
There would have to be some really cute girls there for me to stick around, LOL.

And something stronger than punch or eggnog!
7.) luv2bowhunt - 12/08/2015
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;37110]You know another thing that sucks about Christmas parties?

Everybody knows you're a big-time hunter and you have to field questions and talk about it, or about guns or bows or animal behavior, with people who don't know anything about any of it.[/QUOTE]

I go to a neighborhood Christmas morning brunch. It's mostly good, but always do get the "So did you catch a deer?" questions. Some one did say to me one year "I don't know how you could shoot a deer."

Always the same reply from me. "It's easy, put the crosshairs on the shoulder and squeeze."
8.) Swamp Fox - 12/08/2015

Yeah, the old "Did you catch a deer" question! The first time I ever heard that I thought the person was pulling my leg. :-) After a while I figured out it really is incredibly common.

It's kinda cute coming from a a girl or a pretty woman, compared to a guy, LOL...But it is mostly women, I think. I think most non-hunting guys say "get."