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1.) DropzOfWild - 01/03/2016
Ok, I know a lot of people don't like beating a dead horse so if you're one of them just keep moving lol
I looked into some tuning stuff and guess it triggered more questions than what got answered, Jim mentioned french tuning to me and that seems pretty intensive too.. I guess here's my situation and questions....

My eyes.... are not eagle grade any longer proving this with the aid of 1.5 reading lenses.
resolution.... I went with the HHA optimizer lite single pin .019 and my pin pointness has regained itself over my 5 pin so it helped greatly in bring things together.

left/right windage perfection?
I don't shoot like I used too several days a week all yr long so my form, strength, and all other factors have diminished greatly. I know the bow is a continuous cycle of change with the string life and that it's going to be some work getting it perfect to the best of my abilities. My best shots probably lay with in the 8-16 range, like being warmed up, finding the comfortable/natural stance, same anchor point ...yadda yadda yadda after that number of shots because of strength or so on I start finding myself getting sloppy with everything and dropping or punching shots SO... in tuning my left/right should I do this with-in the 8-16 range then stop til the next day or evening session where there's a lot of recovery time in between? I want my best zeroing options possible.

I have a really good shop and the same person always does my rest work, I feel really confident in what he's done and explained in the manual way he sets them up. I know very few people are "perfect" setting rests and all set ups can vary even for the same model bows, is FRENCH TUNING worth doing (rest portion) for me? I don't want to go backwards AND I will be replacing string and cable next spring sometime. I do some 3D shooting but more of a hunter and pastime playing, but like all others I want the best most perfect shot on game possible.

can I shoot at 1/4 " lines at 5 & 10 yards to gain the same goal making left/right sight adjustments only?

should I do this adjusting and tuning at an indoor range to eliminate wind or temp issues?

I have the Mathews ChillR as my stand/deer bow and DXT as my blind/turkey bow. The DXT I have had since new and I feel that I can just look and stick what I want to hit and tuning it has never been a issue, since picking up the ChillR last summer I have went to ALL NEW stuff... arrows, rest, sight, different style of release..... I feel like I'm a newbie with this bow setup.

I started using the TRU Ball PROMAX 4 last year when I got the new bow. I love the release and intend to use it with the DXT as well so to keep my anchor point and all the same so when I restring it here soon in preps for turkey season it won't confuse my new natural points.
any info is much appreciated
2.) crookedeye - 01/03/2016
what i do is hang a string on my target and shoot at about 5 yards then go back to 10 yards and shoot at it again to see if my left and right is pretty close, make my adjustments..then when i get a chance to shoot 40 and 50 if its close to center shot and not grouping 2,3 inches either way i'm happy ..usally when shooting the right spine arrow my broadheads (fixed) fly right with the field points and expandables..

again i'm no luke mcginnis when it comes to shooting..