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1.) The Old Man - 03/11/2016
[B][SIZE=5]Anyone here[/SIZE][/B][SIZE=4][B]…here[/B][/SIZE][SIZE=3]…here[/SIZE][SIZE=2]…here?[/SIZE]
[B][SIZE=5]Its been two days[/SIZE][/B][SIZE=4][B]…days[/B][/SIZE][SIZE=3]…days[/SIZE][SIZE=2]…days..[/SIZE]
[B][SIZE=5]With no posts…[/SIZE][/B][SIZE=4][B]posts…[/B][/SIZE][SIZE=3]posts…[/SIZE][SIZE=2]posts…[/SIZE]
[B][SIZE=5]Where is everyone[/SIZE][/B][SIZE=4][B]…one[/B][/SIZE][SIZE=3]…one[/SIZE]…one???
2.) Swamp Fox - 03/12/2016
The weather's been nice here, finally. Shorts and t-shirt time.

The crappie are starting to move out of the deep channels.

That's all I can say right now....:grin:

I might possibly have more later. :wink
3.) The Old Man - 03/12/2016
Can't blame you for being sidelined for those reasons. It just seemed pretty quiet around these parts for a while. I thought the place was out of business.
4.) Swamp Fox - 03/12/2016
Well, those are just my own excuses.

I'm not sure what's wrong with these other knuckleheads...:wink

5.) bluecat - 03/14/2016
Was wondering where everyone was too.
6.) billy b - 03/14/2016
I'm still here, nobody was listening, they were outside & that's great.
7.) Swamp Fox - 03/14/2016
I've noticed the number of people lurking has gone up significantly. When I've been checking in over the last two weeks or so, it's usually up in the 30's, instead of the low teens-to-mid-20's. Someone told me we're leading in all the polls.

I think with an increase in numbers like that, it must mean someone is about to post something...It'll be great. I mean fantastic. We're going to make this low-energy forum great again. We're gonna win so much it will make your head spin. I guarantee it....You'll see.

Billy, have you had a chance to fish much yet?
8.) billy b - 03/15/2016
Walked down to a little slew off the main lake about 200 yards from my house Sat before last, in about 30 minutes I caught 4 small buck bass & one female about 4 lbs, since then it has rained 10&3/4" & the lake came up about a foot & is very stained, wend down there this afternoon & only had one strike & lost him, I was using a sinko.
9.) Swamp Fox - 03/15/2016

I'm torn between fishing for crappie or bass right now. The water warmed up super-fast last week. We've had some unusually stable weather in March so far (except for some hard rain and thunderstorms the last two nights). I prefer to bass fish, but we have some big crappie here so I always give them at least a shot each trip in the spring. I caught one nice one while goofing around on Saturday (13.5 inches by 5.5 deep and full of eggs). Saw a few bigger. (We have a 10-inch minimum on this lake, and lots of forage.)

Most guys weren't doing much, but I figured out the boat to watch. :wink The only problem is he can outrun me by about 59 MPH, I'd say, LOL.

10.) billy b - 03/15/2016
Down here on a normal year bass start spawning a couple of weeks before crappie but this one is not a normal year, the 12 ounces of rain we had in two days last week has all 24 of the gates open, the lake is still over a foot above flood stage & is slowly falling, normally bass will not spawn in shallow water while it is falling, I caught some bass last week shallow (before the rain) but after 2 trips this weekend they are not there now. I will try them again after a couple of hours of cutting wood. I don't look for crappie till they close most of the 24 gates.
11.) Swamp Fox - 03/15/2016
I like to say I'm crappie fishing in late February through maybe the first week of March. Usually I'm really just wandering around watching the fishfinder, LOL. Bass fishing is too tough to even try at that point, most years, LOL. We almost always have "high water"...it just depend how high...and how stained. Add in twice-a-week cold fronts. :bang: I know what you're saying about falling water...or rising...as far as spawning and movement to the shallows goes. Usually it's a crapshoot here. I'm on a flood control impoundment (for a "home lake").

When the water is relatively stable the way it is now (after being VERY high this year) I go after the bass, especially if the weather is stable. If I can't get those conditions, I troll around looking for any fish that will bite until things settle down.

And then I start turkey hunting and lose the fish for weeks at a time...:bang:

What I'm sayin' is it's a lot of freakin' work for a few fillets or a jerk on the line...:wink