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1.) Swamp Fox - 04/06/2016
I ran across this recently and thought it might be of interest to some. It reminded me somewhat of Bluecat's homebrew version, which I couldn't find pics or description of on the forum.


Bluecat, do you think you could find it, or give us the details again.

Also, if anybody knows of anything similar that would not interfere with binoculars worn on your chest, please let me know.
2.) bluecat - 04/06/2016
It has the same principle as mine, however, I'm guessing if you lean forward in theirs, your string will slide through the little clamp and you could lose your bow. I'll see if I can find some pics of mine, if not I'll take some pics tonight.

It also puts the full weight of the bow above your torso which I'm guessing would be a little uncomfortable and/or awkward.
3.) Swamp Fox - 04/06/2016
Those two points are exactly what I was thinking, too.

I'm also skeptical of the clothing clamps.
4.) bluecat - 04/06/2016

Here is one option.
5.) bluecat - 04/06/2016
The green strap at the top (first pic) is tied together to make a loop and then a cow hitch (similar to a prussic) is made over a belt. The holds the bottom cam of the bow and the majority of the weight. It will accommodate any cam size of bow you have because you are making the loop.

The other pic is a small stainless steel s-hook purchased at an ACE hardware for under a buck. It is attached on another small strap and then run through the buckles of a harness. The s-hook goes through the d-loop of your bow. It is a safe way to carry your bow while on stand. Slip your hand in your sling. Lift up and the green loop falls away as you unhook the s-hook and attach your release. I can't think of too many deer I haven't killed wearing this. I normally have my bow on a hook but when I see a deer or during last light, I'll put the bow in this configuration which allows me to be ultra ready and wait for the exact moment to draw without fatigue.

What's missing is I no long use a typical harness anymore but use a mountain climber style of harness with no shoulder straps. I had a harness made for this purpose using seat belts from a junkyard and having a seamstress make me one. I don't have a picture readily available so will have to take a pic tonight if anybody is interested.

All of this was made with scrap materials I had laying around except the s-hook.

Your bow will not fall and is comfortably right in front of you. So much of success is waiting for the exact moment to draw and having minimal movement during the process.
6.) Swamp Fox - 04/06/2016
Kewl....I'll look for the pics when you get around to them.
7.) bluecat - 04/06/2016
If people don't want to go to the trouble of having a harness made, a single strap around the chest with an s-hook in the front would probably suffice. I had the harness made so it wouldn't slip down, using the shoulders to arrest it (like a shoulder harness for a gun). I'll try to remember to take a pic tonight of me in the harness with a bow. I just always have it in my pack in case I need it. Light weight and always with me.
8.) bluecat - 04/06/2016
In regards to the binos. As this configuration is central to the chest it would probably interfere with a bino type of attachment. I have a small lightweight pair of Steiners that I have around my neck and then in my front pocket so it stays away from the bow attachment.
9.) Swamp Fox - 04/06/2016
[QUOTE=bluecat;40644]If people don't want to go to the trouble of having a harness made, a single strap around the chest with an s-hook in the front would probably suffice. I had the harness made so it wouldn't slip down, using the shoulders to arrest it (like a shoulder harness for a gun). I'll try to remember to take a pic tonight of me in the harness with a bow. I just always have it in my pack in case I need it. Light weight and always with me.[/QUOTE]

If one uses a rock climbing harness, some makers make a shoulder harness add-on, which could be useful if one wanted to use it to integrate a bow harness. I'd check REI's website as one of the easiest places to get a line on what I'm talking about.
10.) bluecat - 04/06/2016
That would probably work too. What you are really trying to do here is just find an attachment point just below the sternum to attach an s-hook. You could also probably make a modified harness out of paracord. The s-hook is nice because if you bend over it won't come out of your d-loop. You'll have to physically take the s-hook out which is what you want.
11.) Swamp Fox - 04/06/2016
You might even be able to get away with a strap or paracord worn bandoleer-style across the chest, as long as you could affix the s-hook.
12.) bluecat - 04/06/2016
Yup, that might work too.
13.) bluecat - 04/06/2016
Swampy, have you checked out the Magnus Black Hornets? They are a little wider than the Stinger and a little stubbier. People have been pretty happy with them.
I'm going to post up a sharpening thread down the road.
14.) Swamp Fox - 04/06/2016
I haven't, but they are semi-interesting to me based on experience with other Magnus stuff. I have to shoot up a bunch of other heads first, though. For instance, I haven't given the regular Stingers with bleeder blades a good-enough run yet to see if I have need for more cowbell.

I could see putting the Black Hornets on a turkey bow, especially.
15.) bluecat - 04/07/2016

16.) bluecat - 04/08/2016
"How they hanging", "How they hanging part too", "How they hanging part tree" and now "How they hanging part snore"
17.) Swamp Fox - 04/08/2016
I missed this yesterday somehow.

That's pretty clever. I think I understand it, but I had to study it for a while, LOL.

Do you have a link to the braid you used to connect the two ends of your cam loop strap? How long a strap did you start with for that?
18.) bluecat - 04/08/2016
I know, it's a lonely forum when anything technical is posted. :wink

I just use a fisherman's knot to make the loop. A fisherman's knot is two lengths running parallel to each other. A overhand knot (granny) is tied around one strand, and the other strand is tied (overhand knot) around the first strand. Then they are cinched together. The knot of each strand jams against each other. I would have to measure my strap without the knot, but I'm guessing it is around 2'. That allows you to make the loop and then a cow hitch around the belt.

Here is an illustration:

It is a very useful knot for making loops. I do the same thing but use a double fisherman's knot when making [B]the loop [/B]for a Prussic knot.

Now you can make a loop with paracord but the thing is you want to use a heavier strap as otherwise when you lift the bow up, the paracord doesn't fall away like a good 1/2" to 1" strap will. That is key. You want the loop to fall away so you don't have to physically get it off your cam. When you are lifting the bow up and out of your loop, the deer is obviously very close at this point. You don't want to be fiddling with your setup.
19.) bluecat - 04/08/2016

Cow hitch which is very similar to the wraps made when making a Prussic hitch.
20.) bluecat - 04/08/2016
The cams of the parallel and past-parallel bows are really tucked back so when you insert the cam into the loop you will actually be catching part of the limb tip. Anything you buy commercially would not accommodate the cam and hold your bow very well if it is holding it just by the cam. Cams today are either too big for the loop or the cam is tucked back so far that the loop's angle doesn't grab and hold the cam.

There just isn't anything out there that will work as nice as this and it is made from scraps.
21.) Swamp Fox - 04/08/2016
Okay, I know both of them, LOL...And they're two of the few knots I don't even need to look up to refresh my memory....:re:...The fisherman's just looks so much different with strap, I thought you braided it or something.

I call a cow hitch a girth hitch.

There's more girth here than cows, I guess...How is it in Kansas? ---LOL
22.) bluecat - 04/08/2016
Knot names are like common names for fish. Very frustrating.

Soon to be a classic.
23.) Swamp Fox - 04/08/2016
[QUOTE=bluecat;40688]Soon to be a classic.[/QUOTE]


"Is that a boat anchor in your crotch, or are you just happy to see me?"
24.) bluecat - 04/08/2016
I debated and then pushed the send button.

"Let it rain"
25.) Swamp Fox - 04/08/2016
"Archery gets me excited."
26.) bluecat - 04/08/2016
"It's a short limb but it's waaay past parallel."
27.) bluecat - 04/08/2016
"You should see my stabilizer."
28.) Swamp Fox - 04/08/2016
"Honey, don't let all the strings and cables and wheels intimidate you...What we're about to do here is very natural..."
29.) bluecat - 04/08/2016
"Would you like to do the bare shaft plane test?"
30.) bluecat - 04/08/2016
When I shot the buck in Nebraska if you recall I was on the ground and crouched in some cedars. I wore that harness for about 3 hours as there was no place to set my bow let alone pick it up without movement. When I heard the grunt and saw the buck I had just a few seconds to draw as he passed on the other side of the cedar. I would never have gotten him without the harness.
31.) Swamp Fox - 04/08/2016
Yes, I like the idea better for ground hunting than for tree hunting...Not that I can crouch longer than I like to stand up in a treestand, but still...