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1.) grandpawrichard - 06/05/2016
Most of the time The hands of Fate and The Little Voices in my head get me into some Big Trouble. Once in a while they actually do some amazing things that surprise me. Here is one little tale to show what can happen:

\t\t\t\tThe Hand of Fate

It was a bright, shiny September afternoon way back in the fall of 1968. I had already done my daily schedule of classes at the Skagit Valley College. I had also done all of my homework assignments that needed to be turned in the next day.

So, I decided to treat myself to a ride on my motorcycle. I had no plans on where to go or what to do, so I just trusted the little voices in my head and blindly followed their directions.

Pretty soon I found myself up on the Bow Hill Road. I still didn't know where I was going, but I rode on. Soon I turned on to the Hobson Road. Down the road I went until I came to a Stop sign at a T Intersection. Do I turn Left, or do I turn Right on the Colony Road? What the heck! I turned Right.

As I rode down the back road enjoying the sun, I passed a couple of farm houses. I rounded a big curve in the road and started down a straight away. Something told me to pull into a driveway just up ahead. I followed the directions.

It turned out to be the driveway of a Mrs. Evelyn Libby that I had worked with at the DeGoede Bulb Barns. She was in the driveway when I pulled in and so was her husband. She introduced us to each other and we stood there talking about my motorcycle. Mr. Libby had been a motorcycle rider when he was young.

As we stood there talking, a school bus pulled up to the end of their driveway. Several neighborhood kids got off and so did a familiar face. It was Ellen Libby that I had worked with at the DeGoede Bulb Barns.

We all stood and talked in the driveway for a while. Then Mrs. Libby invited me into the house for a cup of coffee. Soon I realized that it was almost dinner time, so I said I needed to head for home. They invited me to stay for dinner.

At about 8 p.m. I decided I had best head for home. Ellen walked me out to my motorcycle to say goodbye. That's when the voices in my head took over again. They told me to ask her out. Friday night was coming up. She reluctantly said yes.

I rode home in peace that evening, not realizing what wheels had been set in motion!

We dated quite heavily that fall and winter. In fact, the next September we were still dating. I would pick her up from school, we would drive around a bit, then I would take her home.

One particularly nice September afternoon in 1969 I picked her up from school and drove right to The Lion's Park on the side of the Skagit River in Mt. Vernon. We sat there in the warm sun doing our school work. Then those voices in my head took over again! They told me what to say and I said those fateful words: "Ellen, Would you please Marry me?"

She said YES!

Soon we had the Wedding Date all planned out. June 6th. was the day!

So, On Today, June 6, 2016 we are celebrating our 46th. Wedding Anniversary!

For our Anniversary we are going on a Photo taking trip to Port Townsend on the Olympic Peninsula, then up to Port Angeles, and Sequim. We plan to see the Olympic Game Farm, Seaquest State Park and just spend the day enjoying ourselves.

So, as you can see, It Doesn't Always Hurt To Follow and Heed the Hands of Fate! And even sometimes listen to those little voices in your head.

Oh, by the way, Ellen doesn't know that I am writing this story. It is a little Anniversary Gift for her. Happy Anniversary Ellen! I love You!


Copyright by Richard M. (Dick) Raymond Jr.

June 5, 2016
2.) bluecat - 06/06/2016
[QUOTE=grandpawrichard;41559]We dated quite heavily that fall and winter. In fact, the next September we were still dating. I would pick her up from school, [B]we would drive around a bit, then I would take her home[/B].

LOL! You're not fooling anyone Dick.

3.) Swamp Fox - 06/06/2016

Congratulations, Dick.

Hope you have many more happy years ahead. :tu:
4.) grandpawrichard - 06/08/2016
:) Thank you guys! :) We had a Fantastic day for our anniversary and we spent it out taking photos on the Olympic Peninsula. :)

My wife was blown away by the story I wrote. :) She didn't think I would remember all of the details. :)

5.) Hunter - 06/08/2016
Happy anniversary, Dick!!