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1.) Triton Rich - 08/20/2016
[B]So I've been messing around with the old Pearson recurve I bought this summer. Even though I am nowhere near good enough with it to hunt yet, I figured I'd try and quiet the thing down in case I suddenly get the hang of it. I was trying to avoid putting silencers on the string if possible so as to not slow down the arrow more than it already is. I decided to try out some string stops on the limbs. I figured if it works for compounds, why not a recurve. I bought some of the limbsaver insulator strips that are meant to go on the front of the grip. I cut some small pieces and stuck them to the limb right where the string hits. I'll be darned if it didn't make it quieter, a lot quieter in fact! I will probably still put some small cat whiskers on the string but it might well be good enough already. Here's what it looks like: [/B]

 photo recurve_103448_zpsgo1l3c4g.jpg

 photo recurve103437_zpsxkavuinp.jpg
2.) Swamp Fox - 08/21/2016
3.) Jon - 08/22/2016
Market that shit immediately!
4.) bluecat - 08/22/2016
What Jon said. I've never seen that before. Good idea.