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1.) Swamp Fox - 08/24/2016
I finally broke one of my Cyclops headlamps, so I'm looking for a replacement.

I have some Pincetontec lamps in various configurations (red, white, green. blah, blah, blah) and like them a lot, so maybe that's a point of reference.

I'm looking for something waterproof in white LED, multi-brightness, and long-running. I don't care if it has other colors available, but let me know if something you like does. Weight and bulk are not too important since this is a lamp for use around the house or which will ride around on the dashboard, but I'm not going deep-cave spelunking for raccoons, either, so keep it reasonable. :wink
2.) bluecat - 08/24/2016
Don't know if you are married to the idea of a dedicated headlamp. I have several Petzals (plastic) which are nice but when the batteries go, they aren't the easiest to replace in the dark.

I've gone a different route and have a single cell flashlight that I can put in a head band made specifically for the Fenix flashlight models.

It's insanely bright, has 3 brightness modes, a strobe, an SOS mode. Requires 1 AA battery, turns on by a switch (hate the twist to turn on type), is light and small enough to carry in breast pocket. Has a glass filter that slips on for stealth mode.

I carry two of these or one of these and the 2 AA cell brother. I'm confident that I can be out all night if need be and always have reliable light.

The headband just takes a fenix flashlight and positively positions it where you want it.
3.) bluecat - 08/24/2016
You've probably heard of nut-n-fancy in all your goggle searches.

He reviewed a similar model.

4.) bluecat - 08/24/2016
I keep a plastic pill bottle in my pack that hold 4 AA batteries. Waterproof and enough power to last a long time.
5.) Jon - 08/24/2016
The Petzal lamps are an absolute PITA to replace batteries, even in the light. That's the only downside to them.
6.) bluecat - 08/24/2016
[QUOTE=Jon;43334]The Petzal lamps are an absolute PITA to replace batteries, even in the light. That's the only downside to them.[/QUOTE]

Yes, and the fact that the battery door is plastic and easily broken.
7.) Swamp Fox - 08/24/2016
I have an old Petzl headlamp from before LED became the default technology. For a good brand name, I think they could have made a better effort. Sounds like I should save myself the trouble with their new stuff, too.

I have one or two Fenix hand-held lights and they are super. Really like them. They were an early adopter of the top Cree LEDs and blew everything out of the water at the time I was looking for hog-hunting lights longer ago than I want to acknowledge. I'll look at them for this project.

A buddy of mine has a really bright green light he bought at someplace like Walmart or Home Depot. It's a heck of a woods light. I'll have to ask him what it is (again!---:re::bang:) and if it has a white mode, because that's what I want for puttering around.
8.) Jon - 08/24/2016
So, as far as projects go, how's the AR build going Swampy?
9.) bluecat - 08/24/2016
"Give me all your lumens." :wink
10.) Swamp Fox - 08/24/2016
[QUOTE=Jon;43345]So, as far as projects go, how's the AR build going Swampy?[/QUOTE]

I took that off the to-do list a while back. My main reason for interest went away, and without that motivation, it just wasn't gonna happen.
11.) Swamp Fox - 08/24/2016
[QUOTE=bluecat;43349]"Give me all your lumens." :wink[/QUOTE]

"It's a hunting forum, not a measurement of visible light!"
12.) Swamp Fox - 08/24/2016
I guess there might be a few people who don't know what the hell we're on about...LOL

13.) bluecat - 08/24/2016

"Let that be a warning to you all."