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1.) Swamp Fox - 09/13/2016
Post your pictures you want entered in the Photo Contest (Small Game/Other contest) on this thread. If you post multiple pictures (simultaneously or over time) please give your pictures titles or numbers so we can refer to them easily.

A recap of the highlights for entrants and voters:

This will be a photo contest of Small Game hunting, hunting of things other than whitetails, trapping, fishing and any other sights or activities related to your outdoor pursuits.

Winners will be decided by votes of forum members in the general population. You do not need to be in the contest to vote, but you do need to be in the contest to submit pictures. I automatically enroll you in the SG/O contest when you sign up for the Whitetail contest. If you would like to be in the SG/O contest but do not plan to hunt whitetails this year, please let me know so I don't put you on a whitetail team that needs all the trigger-pullers it can get.

The SG/O contest will be an individual contest, rather than a team effort (although that may change in the future). The pursuit of any game, predator or varmint other than whitetail deer by any legal hunting OR trapping method qualifies for SG/O status, and any legal weapon or trap may be used. You do not need to kill or take an animal to be able to submit a photo for the contest. The pictures you submit should be related to SG/O hunts or other trips or efforts you undertake this year, but do not need to be taken on an actual hunt, etc. A picture of you sweeping out your hunting camp in August would be okay, for instance. All that is required is that the picture should be at least loosely related to your outdoor efforts, and that the picture be taken this year.

There is no limit to the number of pictures you can submit, but multiple submissions should be named or numbered by the entrant to promote easy identification.

There will be six categories for photos:

Game or Wildlife Pictures
Hero/Dead Animal Pics
Camp Pictures
Cool Stuff (rifle against a tree, armadillo on its back, abandoned still, old house place, etc.)
Buddy Pictures

You decide what category you want to enter your picture in if it's close. For instance, a picture of your buddy at 4 AM before he's had his morning coffee could be a camp picture or a buddy picture. You pick.

Post the picture(s) on this thread with its/their name(s) or number(s), and state your category(ies) and the details of the photo(s) (date(s), general location(s) and as much background story as you choose to tell). Members can give a picture contest points on this thread by posting that they "like" a picture, or they can send me or the Contest Scorekeeper (Bluecat) a PM if they wish to "like" anonymously.

At the end of the contest we will put all the photos in each category up against one another and see where we stand. We didn't use it last year, but we may do a final "Best in Category" vote especially if things are close. BiC votes at the end may be weighted more heavily than "Likes" tallied during the contest, but "Likes" can be used to pick a winner in case there is a lack or absence of final votes. [B]However, it is important to vote as pictures are posted. Don't wait to vote until the end of the contest, because that possibility may not exist, especially a Best-In-Category run-off.

We will use the number of emoticons you post to measure how well you like a photo, up to a maximum of three. So, you might like every picture posted, but you should quantify with icons.

[/B]Lobbying for likes and votes for your photos is allowed, as is recruiting new forum members to join HC and vote for your pics... Contest dates will run concurrent with the Whitetail contest (Aug. 15-Jan. 15) but pictures can be from any time in 2016 through the end of the contest.

Management reserves the right to tweak the rules as we get this new contest off the ground. If you have comments or suggestions, please start a separate thread, or send me a PM. If my inbox is full, notify me and I'll make room.
2.) Swamp Fox - 09/13/2016
This is how it's done, ladies and germs.

Here's a link to last year's contest and pictures.


The most important tweaks to this year's contest are in bold in the post above.
3.) Swamp Fox - 12/27/2016
Step right up and post your pictures through Jan 15, 2017....
4.) bow-fishhunter - 12/27/2016
Summer Fishing

5.) bow-fishhunter - 12/27/2016
Duck Opener 2016

6.) Swamp Fox - 12/27/2016
7.) Hunter - 12/28/2016
For scenery category. Sitting in tripod late afternoon. Turned around and caught this sunset.
8.) Swamp Fox - 12/28/2016
Now that's a sunset!

Very nice. :tu:
9.) Swamp Fox - 01/17/2017
Time to declare winners in the 2016 photo contest:

Bow-fishhunter takes the prize in all reasonable categories (or we should say his kids steal the show again this year) except for Landscape, where Hunter wins it going away---or should we say "turning around" with his Texas sunset, available at the link above, which is guaranteed not to give your computer a virus, although you may soon begin to receive a lot of advertisements from Mexican pharmaceutical companies.

Thanks guys! :beer:
10.) billy b - 01/17/2017
Great pics B-FH, your wife must be beautiful with kids that cute.