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1.) RowdyXRedneck - 10/17/2016
Ok, so I'm not technically a newbie, BUT, I definitely need a refresher course. I live at 20 yards because I can't for the life of me remember how to sight in my stinkin bow, even though Dan from way back when I was living in Washington taught me how. And apparently I'm too forgetful or lazy to try to google it. So, someone give me the run down on the basics one mo' again. I've just been playing around with it until I get things relatively rightish.:bang:
2.) bluecat - 10/17/2016
When you sight in your bow you move the pins on your sight to the location of arrow impact. If you miss high right, move pins high right. (chase your miss). Sighting in your bow is the final step AFTER tuning your bow.

Understand that sighting in your bow only insures your arrow will hit where it is supposed to at the one specified distance. However, tuning a bow is more involved process where all aspects of the arrow/bow marriage paring is investigated (arrow spine, arrow length, centershot etc.).

A bow that is tuned well will shoot your arrows straight regardless of distance. At this point you only need to account for the drop due to gravity.

That's a broad explanation.