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1.) Swamp Fox - 03/07/2017
But seriously, folks...:-)

We've had some reports here recently, and I'll post about that and quote some of the usual suspects when I get a second...I think it will be entertaining, if nothing else...LOL

But in the meantime, I wondered if anyone out there has any good sighting news or stories from their area in, say, the last five years.

I'd like to compile a collection of them, along with everyone's thoughts. If you can think of anything or want to go Googling, I'd appreciate any links or comments you can provide.

Stay tuned for what going on here on Tobacco Road later today or tomorrow...LOL
2.) Swamp Fox - 03/07/2017
P.S.---I'm not averse to hearing of any other unusual sightings, either---chupacabras, unexplained lights, etc.--as long as they're fairly recent and you can give me some good links.

3.) Swamp Fox - 03/07/2017
Everybody must be at the lake...
4.) bluecat - 03/07/2017
I started to post a cougar picture but then I decided it wasn't PG.
5.) Swamp Fox - 03/07/2017
So you're saying you know PG-13 when you see it?
6.) bluecat - 03/08/2017
:-) Well...
7.) Swamp Fox - 03/08/2017
Considering people in Parkwood wouldn't know a BOBCAT from BBQ (owing to their ignorance of both) this story stirred up a lot of ...stuff...


Here's what some goobers are saying about it:


The jaguar sightings mentioned in that thread should give outdoor forums something new to talk about if talking about eastern mountain lions ever gets old...I'm thinking if we've gotten at least 70 years out of EMLs we can easily get 200 out of jaguars...We'll be talking about seeing jaguars on moonlit nights from our flying cars...

The link below has a trail cam jaguar video:


And this is classic:

[QUOTE]Officials say they can’t tell the jaguar’s gender or age from the photo. The two other jaguars that have been recently spotted were both male, and Arizona Game and Fish officials have said a female jaguar hasn’t been spotted in decades.

But conservationists think the latest sighting is evidence that the jaguar is returning to the U.S. after decades away. They say a possible border wall could stop that.

“What it means is that this majestic animal is trying to return to its homelands in the United States. There is habitat in the United States for this animal, for this beautiful cat,” said Bryan Bird, the southwest program director for Defenders of Wildlife.

El Jefe, Arizona's mighty jaguar, is missing in action
Bird said he hopes the government will consider the fate of jaguars if a border wall is built, as President Donald Trump has promised.

He said it’s likely that the three jaguars spotted in the U.S. have come from Mexico through rugged areas where it would be difficult to build a wall anyway.

Bird also said he hopes the latest discovery will persuade the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to amend its proposed jaguar recovery plan, which the Defenders of Wildlife says does not do enough.

The proposed plan is focused on efforts to sustain habitat, eliminate poaching and improving social acceptance of the animal rather than recommending reintroduction.

The plan was published on Dec. 20 and is up for public comment until March 20[/QUOTE].