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1.) crookedeye - 11/23/2017
DSC_0011 check out this limb
2.) crookedeye - 11/23/2017
anyhow a screw came loose on my cam and hit the limb and splinter it barely, ive been shooting it but i dont no..
3.) crookedeye - 11/23/2017
i need to make the pic smaller its says but dont no how.
4.) Swamp Fox - 11/23/2017
Are you trying to upload from your computer or a hosting site?

Imgur is what most guys are using on here, I think, and it looks like there are some instructions that might apply that you could google.

I think Flickr gets around the issue if you use it, because with their service you're showing an image via a link system, so it's a little different. If you can get the image on Flickr, you can show it elsewhere without worrying about sizing requirements.

That's just my impression from atop the turnip truck, though, so I could be completely wrong ... LOL
5.) crookedeye - 11/24/2017
im trying it on here...

just a sliver chipped off on the very edge of the bow..it should be fine..i hope.
6.) Triton Rich - 11/24/2017
[B]I would think it'll be ok as long as it's just a little sliver. Did it break off or does it look like it could keep going? In any case, keep a close eye on it.[/B]
7.) Swamp Fox - 11/24/2017
I've heard of people trying to do repairs on small damage with fiberglass patches, epoxy, superglue, etc.

I'd stay away from welding, though.

First guy:
[QUOTE]... has anyone had ant [sic] success in a repair ? i was thinking of taking it to a boat shop

Another guy:

[QUOTE]If you are thinking of having it TIG or Heli-arc welded, then the simple answer to that is "No".

Here is why:

Compound bow limbs (even the older ones) are made of alloys. It's not just aluminum. It would be impossible to match the filler rod that you intend to use to the base metal. Plus there are a few other factors. Compound bow limbs are cast in a mold to get their shape. Casting is in general a fairly porus [sic] composition, meaning lots of air pockets. Welding on cast changes that, plus it hardens the entire area you are welding. So even if you managed to get the base metal to take the filler rod, it would never flex there after it cooled. So basically you would have a limb that would not evenly bend, and would most likely snap right where you welded when you go to string it back.

I'm not sure what other repair could be done at a boat shop that would help you.[/QUOTE]

A third guy:

[QUOTE]That boat shop that welds bow limbs is right beside the tire shop that has the pop rivet patches for flat tires!! just a little fun there mcraddock..Polaris, do yourself a favor and scarp her [sic]. A peice [sic] could come off and go into your skin somewhere, most certainly if comes apart while shooting. New bows 350-1200 dollars , new eyeball?[/QUOTE]

Pretty sure this last guy wins the thread as official bow historian:

[QUOTE]I have recurves made from 40's to present, and all are wood core, wood backed, fiberglass backed, carbon backed, fiberglass total, but none are metal.

I am building a medieval crossbow with the prod made from high temper steel. As they did use this material at the end of 16 century.

Hope that helps! :wink:wave:

8.) Swamp Fox - 11/24/2017
If you want to try sealing the wound with something that will fllex, here's an idea:


I bought some for a project but can't say it's gotten a full workout yet, though things look promising for adhesion, sealing and flexibility. Plus, it's clear as glass.
9.) crookedeye - 11/24/2017
it splinter about a 1/2 inch from the intial impact..hopefully it doesnt go towards the grip..that would be a big sliver. even if it does i still would shoot it..its not like its a crack..its right on the edge of the limb..i might have to get a limb eventually i dont think hoyt even makes this bow anymore ...RKT hoyt element, im going to have to call them up..
10.) crookedeye - 11/24/2017
i had to help it break off the splinter with a knife lol..it seems pretty good actually.. shooting better than ever..there alot of vibration in limbs its pretty much done towards the tip of the limb hopefully it wont head towards the handle..