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1.) luv2bowhunt - 02/06/2019
A bill just passed in committee and is headed to the Senate Floor, Senate Bill 147. Basically gives the PA Game Comm. authority to allow Sunday hunting. It should pass the House and Senate but I'm not sure about our left leaning Gov. I'm sure he's an idiot, just not sure if he'll sign it.

I've been reading comments from the concerned citizens on line, all worried about getting their heads blown off on Sundays now while they're hiking and mountain biking. The same thing that happens to hikers and mountain bikers on Saturdays......let's see last year there were............uhhhhhh............0 that were shot Mon.-Sat.

Sounds like a legit argument to me.
2.) Swamp Fox - 02/06/2019
So, whenever the "concerned citizens" whine about Sunday hunting, I encourage them to make the best use of six days per week for their recreation, the way hunters do.

I have proposed that the one "concerned citizen/no-hunting day" be Tuesdays, when few hunters are in the woods anyway. Actually, I have in the past also mentioned Wednesdays, but that is really too good a day to run deer dogs. My excuse is that I was using Wednesday only as an example. The point is that if non-hunters would like a day to themselves, they are welcome to choose a non-weekend day, the way hunters do. Tuesday is the best, and I'm sticking to it.

There is no legitimate/logical/American argument to support what are effectively hunting bans (or near-bans) on private or public land, particularly Sunday bans.

Change my mind.

3.) luv2bowhunt - 02/07/2019
Don't screw with Tuesdays. I killed my biggest bow buck on a Tue. Best day to hunt public land is and always will be, middle of the week. The deer 'know' when humans aren't running around out there.

Also big news here is they are going to open up rifle hunting on a Sat. this year instead of the traditional Monday. I've heard more howling on that subject than Sherman produced on his Georgia march, even though it just makes plain common sense to do it.

Yankee traditions die hard. Hence the continuance of scrapple.
4.) Swamp Fox - 02/07/2019
We started opening seasons on Saturdays a few years ago, as the game dept. is trying to get more hunters out in the woods --and in the case of deer, more population control. This is also why bowhunting season has been giving ground to muzzleloading here.

You have the right idea about the middle of the week. Sometimes I fantasize that we can hunt seven days a week on public hunting land that is, after all, funded by hunters---and we get a no-hiking law one day a week. LOL
5.) Bob Peck - 02/12/2019
[QUOTE=luv2bowhunt;57712] I've been reading comments from the concerned citizens on line, all worried about getting their heads blown off on Sundays now while they're hiking and mountain biking. [/QUOTE]

Same 'ol tired crappy arguments against Sunday hunting here in VA and every other state that's considered it. Here in VA it was mostly wealthy large tract landowners who fought it for years with a smokescreen of Sunday Sabbath Day-of-Rest arguments blended in with a position that at least one day should be put aside to keep dog hunters off their property. Bottom line is Bubba won but mostly because conservation dollars were drying up from declining license sales.
6.) Jon - 02/13/2019
Yep, we have finally opened Sunday hunting (only on private land) here in Delaware. This past season was the first time ever. I utilized several Sundays but not as many as I wanted simply because the butcher shops are closed on Sundays.
We heard the same arguments from horse riders and leaf peepers but the counter argument was that they pay exactly ZERO DOLLARS towards the upkeep of the land they use where hunters and sportsmen spend millions of dollars.