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1.) crookedeye - 10/04/2020
i have a couple of lonewolf stands for about 20 yrs now. and never leave them up for more than a week..i wonder if the cables should be switch?
2.) crookedeye - 10/05/2020
i new i could count on you guys..thanks
3.) bluecat - 10/05/2020
Just look 'em over. If they are covered in plastic or no rust, they should be good. I don't keep my stands out all year either and I've never felt the need to switch out anything (attached by chains). I look over the welds occasionally.
4.) crookedeye - 10/05/2020
i bought new cables i dont no why..the ones on it look fine i dont think they been through a rain...i guess im getting old
5.) Swamp Fox - 10/05/2020
I'm sure you're good, as much you can be certain about anything.

It's not like you always know a bad cable when you see it, but when you see a bad cable you know it.

(It's like pornography that way. :wink)

Anything beyond that is up to your own sense of precaution and paranoia.

I do leave stands up for extended periods, but anything up for over one season usually gets taken down in a rotation and a check happens just as a result of that. I'm more concerned about straps weakening/dry- or wet-rotting, tensioning into growing trees, and skwirls than I am about platform cables, but if the plastic coating has been cut and/or I see[B] a lot [/B]of rust on cables, I'll try to replace them.

You can try to replace cables if you have proper-length replacement cables available, but I have replaced a lot of cables that I can't duplicate with chain.

Chain ain't goin' anywhere.
6.) crookedeye - 10/05/2020
wasnt it floyd that fell from one of youre ladder stands
7.) crookedeye - 10/05/2020
it was kinda like that episode of the 3 stoogies
8.) crookedeye - 10/05/2020
i think i remember he was on the top rung and they all broke
9.) crookedeye - 10/05/2020
lol luckily he didnt get hurt
10.) Swamp Fox - 10/07/2020
I put him in an old wooden platform stand that I did not build but which I had climbed a few times prior to the season. If we weren't in a hurry, I wouldn't have used that stand at all, and I would have set a new one, higher.

He *did* get hurt, and if I had it to do all over again, I wouldn't have put him in a stand I didn't set myself.
11.) luv2bowhunt - 10/07/2020
OK Chris calm down, he didn't mean anything by it. We all know you weren't trying to kill Floyd...............I think.

Anyway, you almost killed him and we don't know if we can ever trust you. Other than that, it's no big deal, calm down. Gees just let it go will you.

....but he almost died, just sayin'.
12.) luv2bowhunt - 10/07/2020
cROoKEdeYe just follow your heart on the cables, that's what I always do. What would Mark and Terry do? Figure that out and do the opposite.
13.) bluecat - 10/08/2020
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;62017]

It's not like you always know a bad cable when you see it, but when you see a bad cable you know it.

(It's like pornography that way. :wink)[/QUOTE]

+ 3 :-)