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1.) Swamp Fox - 10/25/2020
Post your selections here.

This is worthwhile to the end. Don't leave early or you'll miss the broadhead/sharpening discussion, the Lucky Hat and the Victory Smurf.

2.) bluecat - 10/28/2020
That was great fun. Thanks for posting that. Better than anything on the Outdoor Channel.
3.) Swamp Fox - 10/29/2020
Prolly shouldn't have posted the whole thing, but then if I worried all the time about what I shouldn't do I wouldn't be where I am today ... LOL

4.) Swamp Fox - 10/30/2020
A few points:

That buck must have had major ear wax. Even with the leaves rustling and the wind blowing and the buck below the rise, that was a lot of stalking noise x2 (hunter and cameraman) unless that was a less-than-ultra-stealthy recreation. If it was a recreation, it was otherwise well-done (lighting, time of day, etc.) upon initial view.

Awesome work by the cameraman, who was apparently not using a tree-mounted camera arm. (?) If all or most of that footage was hand-held, the guy needs a raise and I'd like to know about the camera.

The overhead shots showing both cameraman and hunter were a nice touch. I'd like to know how they set those just right. In the dark, or the day before, or during a lull that morning?

It would have been nice to go over the map-reading and how they selected that particular hump to hunt on. It wasn't clear to me whether they went to that exact area the day before and picked a good set, or left it to do in the dark. It's possible I missed a clue.

The frame-by-frame video of the shot and impact was awesome. Combination of luck and technology, or just great technology? Again: camera info and edit/viewing software references wanted.

The late parts of the video were as entertaining as the early and mid parts. That's rare, it seems to me.

Good job all around.

I'm sure I noticed a few other things to talk about, but that's what's top-of-mind right now.
5.) bluecat - 10/30/2020
Like you said, the other parts were equally as entertaining if not more, so, glad you posted it all.

I like those types of stories, real and humble.
6.) bluecat - 10/30/2020
I don't know if I would have gotten out of the stand for that buck, but he seemed pretty adamant about it.
7.) Swamp Fox - 10/30/2020
No way I would have gotten out of the stand here unless I had zero acorns within, say, 30 yards of me.

Unless it's a horrible day for hunting, we don't get the wind and rattling leaves that made that approach possible.

Every lake shore is different I suppose, but that one was a lot more open than I would be used to, and even then he hit a limb from the ground.

Did he climb down the back-side of the tree? It looked like he was hunting from the front-side.

Again, if I were hunting and climbing down on the front side of the tree, I prolly wouldn't have tried it.
8.) Swamp Fox - 10/30/2020
I hesitate to mention it, but you can't get away with half the shit I see on TV from other parts of the country around here ...

9.) bluecat - 10/30/2020
The biggest thing I see on TV that I don't get is the use of ground blinds. If a deer or turkey sees one of those things its over for me- even if I brush it in.

In regards to going after that buck, I wouldn't have done it but I do realize sometimes you have to make things happen. I think he was at that point. Made for some interesting viewing.
I agree on the camera stuff. Fantastic. How did they set all that up without that deer spooking?
10.) Swamp Fox - 10/31/2020
I'm surprised you say that about blinds and turkeys. I could hunt out of a pink blind in my bunny slippers and turkeys wouldn't give a rip.

And I'm talking Easterns, not those dumb turkeys you have out there ... :wink LOL

Let's talk about that more. :fire:

Deer are a different story. The only times I've had any luck on deer out of a pop-up have been the first times I hunted them after they had been set up for a while. I've never tried to repeat from a pop-up on deer.

From natural blinds or behind hay bales etc., anything goes for either turkeys or deer.
11.) Swamp Fox - 10/31/2020
I agree on the camera stuff. Fantastic. How did they set all that up without that deer spooking?[/QUOTE]

A camera arm doesn't take long to set, though it is usually on a ratchet, which you don't want to be in a hurry for, and when saddle hunting/filming I don't know if a "fixed" arm is even recommended. I saw the CM holding the camera to his chest while filming from the tree and never noticed a fixed arm at all. As I said before, it's possible that I missed something.

The overhead "Go-Pro" shot could have been set up in the dark since Go-Pros are fairly forgiving the last I knew, but my guess is that for pro production the camera- and the man-sets were either established ahead of time or the GoPro was set up after sunrise during some downtime.



The day after I posted that we don't get that kind of wind and noise from dry leaves, we got a nice windy day (10/30) that was NOT otherwise horrible for hunting, but it was so wet that there was no rustling and rattling, and so I stand by my comment that those conditions on the video were foreign. :)

I would not have been in a tree 10/30 here if I had a crystal ball and knew what the weather would be, exactly. I might have stalked, but I would be counting on wet conditions and wind noise and motion to cover for me, rather than wind noise covering dry leaves underfoot.
12.) Swamp Fox - 11/01/2020
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;62240]

Deer are a different story. The only times I've had any luck on deer out of a pop-up have been the first times I hunted them after they had been set up for a while. I've never tried to repeat from a pop-up on deer.


Actually, I take that back regarding whitetails and pop-ups.

I almost killed a really nice buck out of a new same-day set in a Nebraska milo field, about thirty yards out from the field/fence edge. The only reason I didn't is that the CM decided he needed to stop the deer with a grunt or bleat ("What difference, at this point, does it make?" :re:) before I had a shot at the deer from my position in the far left side of the blind. ---LOL --- "I could see 'im, but I couldn't shoot 'im!..."

Some strong words were exchanged ...

There's another story I had in mind as well, but I'm blanking on it right now as blind rage is taking over...