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1.) Triton Rich - 11/25/2020
Well Hello Fellas! It's been a while. Thought I would share my recent success on a nice whitetail buck. Remember when I told you that my brother has this awesome property that he has permission on and kills a giant buck every year? Well, he finally got permission for me as well. I still had to hunt pretty hard but I had 3 good encounters with mature bucks. The first two didn't work out as I got caught reaching for the bow on the first and couldn't quite squeeze off the shot during the fleeting chance on the second. Last Sunday, I got it done. I saw a small buck a good 100+ yards away sniffing around. Suddenly, he started acting weird. I thought there might be another buck over there so I hit the buck roar call. I immediately saw a big buck trotting towards me and got my bow ready. He ran up to about 30 yards away in some dense cover and walked in from there. He walked about 20 yards behind my tree. Luckily, I had gone back there and cut down a bunch of skinny little thorn trees just before I got in since several smaller bucks had used that trail before and there wasn't a lane. Amazingly, he stopped right in the new opening I had created. For the last couple years, I've been hauling around a video camera and arm to try and video a moment like this. I managed to get the camera pointed at him and zoom in a little. Now it was time to shoot. I drew the bow right as he was slightly quartering to me. He turned towards me so that there wasn't a shot. I ended up holding for about 30 seconds until he turned back to slightly quartering to. I put the pin just behind his leg and squeezed off the shot. It happened so fast that I wasn't even sure I hit him, I just saw arrow with the lighted nock stuck in the ground. I was pretty obvious soon though since he only ran about 20 yards and already started to stumble. He spun and fell right there. I think it's the shortest run I've ever seen one make. It turns out the arrow went diagonally through the middle of the heart so he didn't last long. I spun the camera over to him to catch him dropping. That's when I realized in horror that I never hit record! This self-filming crap is no joke! Still a great hunt anyway and a real nice buck. He's my biggest framed buck but he doesn't make P and Y with a couple of broken points. Here he is.

BTX-28 62lbs 27.75 draw.
Victory 3DHV 350 340gn @ 310fps
Parker Red hot Crosspro 100 broadhead

2.) luv2bowhunt - 11/25/2020
Congrats on a very nice buck!

I'm not going to lie, self-filming would add way too much stress to hunting for me. Great story!
3.) Triton Rich - 11/25/2020
[QUOTE=luv2bowhunt;62377]Congrats on a very nice buck!

I'm not going to lie, self-filming would add way too much stress to hunting for me. Great story![/QUOTE]

It's kind of like taking a pastime that can be a bit frustrating at times and making it more frustrating. In the two previous encounters that I mentioned, I likely would have been able to get a shot off had I not been trying to film :bang:
4.) bluecat - 11/25/2020
Great buck! Wow!
5.) crookedeye - 11/26/2020
nice one.. WE been getting alot of pics of some good bucks..you watch ..billys going to show his buck again from 1972.. its that blury picture kinda LIKE A BIGFOOT PIC.