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1.) Alex - 03/04/2013
Looking in the forums :-)

Welcome back brother.
2.) Mike - 03/04/2013
:wave: welcome back jb
3.) Floyd - 03/04/2013
All is right with the world now that JB is here.

...and in his tent.
4.) rum3002576 - 03/04/2013
5.) JB - 03/04/2013
Hey guys congratulations on the new crib!!! This is a really exciting day for a lot of us! I gotta get back in here later and learn how to do things again. It's been so dang long that Ive been away...pretty rusty! I am so happy to see this site up and running!!
6.) JB - 03/04/2013
Thanks Big Guy for helping me pitch my tent once more...:applause:
7.) JB - 03/04/2013
Aww Mikee...that is so cool!! This really is one of the best days I have had for a good long while! I am so happy to see this!!! Come here Floyd and give me a big hug! LOL! this is just too dang fantastic!!
8.) Alex - 03/04/2013
[QUOTE=JB;377]Thanks Big Guy for helping me pitch my tent once more...:applause:[/QUOTE]
lol.. if anyone else said that I would give them a time out. :-)
But it's good to have you back grand poobah
9.) Floyd - 03/04/2013
JB, there is a big birthday comming up; get ready.
10.) JB - 03/04/2013
Thanks for the welcome Alex!! I came in for just a brief moment earlier and then had to leave...I just got back and saw you guys had posted some welcomes...Thanks for the welcome and most of all thanks for getting this place to running! Is there anybody with a BIRTHDAY TODAY??? HUH??? Dont be shy!!....well ok...LOL!
11.) JB - 03/04/2013
Floyd Im ready! When is it????
12.) Floyd - 03/04/2013

It's also, Something On a Stick Day.
13.) JB - 03/04/2013
AHHHAhaah!! Ohhhh HAHA! I gotcha big Dawg...Im just too excited about the new forum! You came when I needed ya buddy thats for sure!:tu:
14.) JB - 03/04/2013
Wait now Floyd I was anserin to sumpin Alex said...now wats this stick day?? what is ?
15.) Floyd - 03/04/2013
Today is National Poundcake Day. Do not ask Dan to post pics. No!
16.) JB - 03/04/2013
Im lost on the stick day buddy...so please let me know! Floyd we got a lot of catchin up to do you ol Texas rascal you! heck if a few more of you move to Texas, I reckon I will have to go there too...:-)
17.) JB - 03/04/2013
national nation wide pound cake day??? WHOA! Well let the poundin commence!!
18.) Floyd - 03/04/2013
Jon is supposed to eat something on a stick day.
19.) Hunter - 03/05/2013
Howdy JB!!
20.) btmdeerslayer - 03/05/2013
I gotta say, i missed that tent. lol no homo