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1.) Swamp Fox - 04/23/2013
I lucked into an 8 ft. Cortland graphite fly rod a while back, and since I have zero interest in fly fishing and no time to get into it even if I were suddenly inspired, I've had it in my head to convert it to spinning. I'd use it as a panfish rod for vertical jigging, but I'd like to see if I can make it into a decent caster if it's not going to be a lot of work. I'm guessing the only prayer I have to accomplish that second goal is to replace the guides (I haven't tried to see how big a fail casting is with the present snake guides yet.)

I'm not up for wrapping the new guides myself. The present guides look like they're attached with some type of a tube arrangement, possibly overlaid by the rod's finish. It's hard to tell with just the quick glance I gave it but I'll have to say it's well done and very slick (and seemingly seamless), whatever it is. I'd hate to take an exacto knife to it and then find out that's a Bozo No-No.

Anyhoo, I haven't turned up any alternate methods of guide attachment that don't involve wrapping, so Question Number One is "Does anyone know of a method that would suit a lazy guy like me?" Add the sub-questions: How many guides should I use and does anyone have any experienced suggestions on sizing? Remember this is an 8-foot 2-piece and will run a 4-8 lb. limp mono from an ultra-light or light spinning reel (very small or small spool diameter; i.e., the smallest reel in a line or the very next step up). I would have to characterize the action of the rod as "slow"...There is probably a fancy special fly rod term for it but I'm clueless. It is not a noodle, but it is not a fast action either.:wink I would [B]not[/B] call it a medium action if it were a spinning rod. It will take a bend all the way through LOL but again it is not a noodle.

This is the closest I've gotten so far on replacement guides to consider:


It's hard to tell from the Cabelas site how many guides there actually are in this package but I think this is the kit they recommend for 7-9 ft. spinning rods (?) " YSG309 ...3 each LSG 6..."

Question Number Two: I know there is a better way of attaching the reel to the cork handle than with zip ties or tape, but I'm not finding any. I'm pretty sure I've seen heavy-duty rubber rings or bands used for this purpose, but I guess I don't know where to find them. Any ideas?

Thanks as always, boys and girls!
2.) Pa bowhunter - 04/24/2013
swampy, i build my own rods and when times are good i sell components for rod building on ebay, most of what i use are american tackle blanks and hardware, a fly rod blank has a completely different design as opposed to a casting rod, with a fly rod you are actually casting the line and not the fly/lure i am sure you cn convert one but i would think if you are going to go through all the work of stripping it down and rebuilding it you would probebly be better served to just by a rod blank to suite youe needs so you get the performance you are looking for.

what model cortland fly rod, and what weight, we may be able to work something out, or you could ebay it, and take the proceedes and buy the blank guides and reel seat that you need or want, building them is not that hard and you would be surprised at the quality rod you will build compared to what you can buy.
3.) bluecat - 04/24/2013
I agree with Pa bowhunter.

In addition, a fly rod is not going to give you the feel of a spinning rod even if you did convert it. You aren't going to like how loose up top the flex is on that fly rod if used for spinning. Fly rod's are ultra sensitive and generally a longer rod altogether.

Sell a couple dozen of your bino's laying on the dash of your Bronco and get a spinning rod. Leave the fly rod alone and sell it.
4.) bluecat - 04/24/2013
Or better yet, learn to fly fish. It's a blast.
5.) Go Bucks - 04/24/2013
a fly reel attaches to the very end of the rod.. not much room for a grip. wanna sell it?
6.) Swamp Fox - 04/24/2013
Thanks GoBucks...I was wondering where the reel went LOL...:-)

There's plenty of room on the cork grip for the reel and some my spinning reels even fit the seat itself, though surprisingly it is not alway the smallest reels that have the thinnest feet. My smallest reel, an ABU one step up from their tiniest in that line , will not fit the seat, but some of my mid-sized Diawas will.

This is a GRF 1000 8 foot for 5/6 line, mint, unused, probably 1980's vintage but that's just a decent guess, and they don't seem to go for much. It has some sentimental value, so unless I'm wrong on the monetary value or someone has more dollars than sense and wants to share I think I'll hold on to it. You all are free to argue with me on the point, though. :wink

I get that the action isn't optimum for casting but I think it will work for vertical jigging. Some of the best crappie fishermen I know like dabbling (vertical jigging) with flyrods. If I geta catfish or a grinnel on in the button bushes that will tell the story, though, I know LOL.

PaBowhunter: What I might do is see how it does as a jigging rod and then come up with some ideas about how I like the action, possibly cutting it down, what I'd throw with it, etc. I'll let you know if I think it's really worth a rebuild. Thanks for the feedback.
7.) Go Bucks - 04/24/2013
the 5/6 is a good medium stream rod and perfect for what you are trying to do. personally, I wouldn't mess with the guides without giving it a try first to see how the line feeds.
8.) Swamp Fox - 04/25/2013
9.) Pa bowhunter - 04/25/2013
No problem, if you do decide to change the guides and such look up american tackle, if you find anything you like let me know and i will get you a great price on it.
10.) Swamp Fox - 04/26/2013
Will do! :tu:
11.) crookedeye - 04/26/2013
you should give the fly rod a chance, just go out on a dock are boat...are whatever you do.... and cast for some bluegill, panfish with a little popper..spinning rods are a dime a dozen.