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1.) bluecat - 06/24/2013
It probably only cost 90 million. Jeesh.

2.) bluecat - 06/24/2013
If you want a good giggle. Read some of the comments.
3.) bluecat - 06/25/2013
4.) luv2bowhunt - 06/25/2013
One serious question. How did the cost of this trip compare to any of the trips the other Presidents have taken, like George W. Bush?

I'll bet they're all expensive, regardless of the President.
5.) Swamp Fox - 06/25/2013
It's on par, but the mini-safari in the middle was a major additional inflator of the price. It didn't help that these countries can't supply any support on their own, and that the trip was planned so that arrangements had to be set up for each country instead of transferring smoothly from one stop to the next.

You have to wonder why we have to go to three countries instead of three heads of state and their various glad-handers coming to us...Or let's all meet up at the Best Western in Swaziland and forget about all this to-ing and fro-ing.

But that wouldn't have been as cool a vacation for Michelle and the children, and would have made too much sense, considering Suzy and Bobby Lunchbag can't tour the White House in their own country. So let's all go overseas!
6.) bluecat - 06/25/2013
Did you happen to read the article?
7.) bluecat - 06/25/2013
Leslie McKelvey Wirtley
So...they've got an AIRCRAFT CARRIER with a fully equipped MEDICAL TRAUMA CENTER stationed close by IN CASE SOMETHING HAPPENS? Bet Ambassador Chris Stevens wishes the White House had taken as good of care of HIM AND THE FORMER NAVY SEALS DURING THE RAID ON BENGHAZI. Un-EFFING-believable.

Ian Christopher Top Commenter
Can't they stay with his relatives?

Lorraine Brethwaite Abate
I think that we should sent them to Africa with the same security that Ambassador Stephens had in Benghazi. It they don't like that then let them stay home. The way this family wastes our money is terrible. We should not have to pay for alll of their vacations. Let them spend their own money.