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1.) toxophilite - 06/28/2013
my Yamaha Kodiak 450 starts fine cold but when warm it acts like the battery is low and I have to let it cool before it will restart and that's at least an hour, it will run all day if I don't turn it off but it would be nice to find an answer to the problem, any ideas ???
2.) Triton Rich - 06/28/2013
[B]If you mean it cranks slowly I bet the starter itself is bad. Probably a short in the windings that only happens when its hot. Unfortunately, replacing it is the only way I can think of to test it.[/B]
3.) toxophilite - 06/28/2013
it like starts to turn over then a rapid clicking or buzzing type noise, getting to be a bit annoying :tap:
4.) Triton Rich - 06/28/2013
[B]Did a little forum surfing. If the clicking is under the seat, it's the relay making the noise. Check the connections at the relay, battery and starter, make sure they are clean and tight. If that's all good, have the battery load tested. If that's good, I would replace the relay first and then take a hard look at the starter itself. [/B]
5.) Ohbuckhunter - 06/28/2013
I agree what rich just said. Ill bet it's either the battery or that relay.