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1.) Forkie McRut - 07/03/2013
Anybody got plans to fire up the smoker for the 4th?

Sad to say, the smoker's been gathering a bit of dust lately but all that changes tomorrow.

Got a couple racks of ribs to smoke and got the rub on an 8lb pork butt.
2.) crookedeye - 07/04/2013
no smoker for me.. but the grill set at low with chicken wings and breast with the skin on.. anything with skin and bones in them i like to cook them low and slow..then smother them in famous daves pitfire barbegue sause..
3.) Swamp Fox - 07/04/2013
Where's Floyd and BillyB when you need them?

I'd settle for TxHunter at this point....LOL
4.) Forkie McRut - 07/04/2013
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;7620]Where's Floyd and BillyB when you need them?

I'd settle for TxHunter at this point....LOL[/QUOTE]

I know, right. I figured this thread would smoke them out.
5.) Swamp Fox - 07/04/2013
If it doesn't stop raining, it'll be the George Foreman grill again for me...

6.) crookedeye - 07/04/2013
billys probally frying up a mess of crappie.."that do sound good" and floyds still hiding in the corner..:wink

billy, floyd am i right or what?
7.) crookedeye - 07/04/2013
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;7623]If it doesn't stop raining, it'll be the George Foreman grill again for me...


them things can cook a good chicken breast.. tough on the outside but tender on the inside...george foreman new what he was doing..
8.) Swamp Fox - 07/04/2013
The key with the George Foreman grill is to make sure you don't forget it's on and burn the house down.

At least that's what it is for me...
9.) crookedeye - 07/04/2013
i could write a book on how many times i almost burnt my house down.. did i ever tell you the time i had hashbrowns upstairs on the stove and steaks down stairs on the grill..when i got back upstairs..all i seen were flames..trust me.. when they say dont put a grease fire out with water.....it means dont put a grease fire out with water.. i panicked and it was almost like the apocalypse..
10.) crookedeye - 07/04/2013
i think that was the first time i actually screamed in my life...
11.) Swamp Fox - 07/04/2013

My George Foreman and my coffee-maker don't have automatic shut-offs...Drives me nuts...But then again, my stove and oven don't shut themselves off, either...

I have a bad habit of grabbing food as soon as it's ready and forgetting to take steps to survive much past the meal...

12.) crookedeye - 07/04/2013
i've wasted 5gallons of propane on a number of occasions.. its never good when you wake up in the morning and youre stove is still on..
13.) Swamp Fox - 07/04/2013
That's why I prefer to cook with charcoal, or wood.

Either you're gonna burn the woods down or the fire will go out on its own.
14.) crookedeye - 07/04/2013
my parents had this cabin,
years ago i used to stay out there on the weekends..when i would get home they always call and ask me if the icebox was shut and if i shut the stove off..

what kind of questions are those..:bang:
15.) Swamp Fox - 07/04/2013

So I guess they knew you pretty well...:-)
16.) Hunter - 07/04/2013
17.) Hunter - 07/04/2013
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;7633]The key with the George Foreman grill is to make sure you don't forget it's on and burn the house down.

At least that's what it is for me...[/QUOTE]

My George Foreman has a timer! Best use for it is cooking bacon!! Can get about 11 pieces at a time plus they don't curl up and grease drains off. :tu:
18.) crookedeye - 07/04/2013
not only can the george forman grill cook good food ..but it also fights cholesterol and keeps the fat out of youre diet..
19.) crookedeye - 07/04/2013
you can eat as much bacon as you want, without worrying about your arteries clogging.. for all the people on the high protein diet ..you can eat bacon and eggs morning lunch and supper, with the george forman grill..

tecnoligy has come a long way..
20.) Swamp Fox - 07/04/2013
I have a very early version...I think it is GFG 2.1, but I'd have to look. To turn it on, you plug it in...To turn it off, you have to remember to unplug it. :wink
21.) Swamp Fox - 07/04/2013
Somebody gave me a knock-off version a bunch of years ago, too, but I've never used it.

I bet it has a an on/off switch.

There's a picture of some grilled chicken on it, with a flower vase in the background. No picture of George, which is how I know it's a knock-off.

It's in the way-back of the pots-and-pans cupboard somewhere.
22.) crookedeye - 07/04/2013
i have the very first ones that came out. its the white one that had george formans autograph on it...well it used to anyhow..the older them things get the harder they are to clean. i still think i have a piece of fish on there from the early 2000's..
23.) crookedeye - 07/04/2013
the only thing it has is a green light on it when its ready to cook..
24.) Swamp Fox - 07/04/2013

Mine's signed by George, too, but it doesn't have a light. With mine, you have to cook purely based on experience and skill. :p

You know his kids are named George Two, George, Three, George Four etc. right? At least that's what I heard...Out of his mouth, if I remember right.

I use lemon juice to clean it while it's still hot. I keep it in a little spray bottle, which probably used to have some kind of deer lure in it. Works pretty good. The little plastic scraper that came with it has long-since disintegrated or disappeared, one.

Somehow I've managed not to lose the little plastic tray that catches the drippings, so it's all good. :grin:
25.) BULLZ-i - 07/04/2013
26.) crookedeye - 07/04/2013
that tray collects alot of good fat for stuffing sausage..
27.) crookedeye - 07/04/2013
did you see whats his name ate 69 hotdogs?? that guys a athlete! he has at least bowler statious
28.) Swamp Fox - 07/04/2013
I noticed the wiener girls holding the scorecards seemed really into it...

Obviously, I'm in the wrong business.
29.) Forkie McRut - 07/05/2013
Had the family over. Best bark I've ever had on a pork butt. Everyone thought it was delicious including my cousin from NC who knows what good BBQ is.

Finished it off with some strawberry banana smoothies to fill in the cracks. Mmmmm
30.) Forkie McRut - 07/05/2013
[QUOTE=crookedeye;7663]did you see whats his name ate 69 hotdogs?? that guys a athlete! he has at least bowler statious[/QUOTE]

CE, you think that guy goes in a back room afterwards and purges all that from his gut? His triglycerides gotta be at Defcon 1 if he doesn't
31.) crookedeye - 07/05/2013
can you imagine the size of the chit he's going to take tommorrow?
32.) Forkie McRut - 07/05/2013
The image you'd think they look like is that fat guy from Monty Python that explodes, but these guys are not big at all.

69 dogs/buns is unbelievable
33.) Swamp Fox - 07/05/2013
The pressure on him to beat his record must have been unbelievable...To say nothing of the pressure on his colon...

Did he beat it by one, or two? I almost couldn't watch. He started looking not too happy somewhere around Hot Dog 65.

I'm wondering which would be worse: eliminating 69 Nathan's hotdogs over the next few days, or finding out you can't eliminate 69 Nathan's hotdogs that fast.
34.) billy b - 07/05/2013
Hey Brad & boys, no crappie for me today, but I did put the marinade on a brisket for cooking Sat, the family can't be here till then, Plus all of you are invited:tu: I'll even cook crookedeye some crappie.
35.) DParker - 07/05/2013
My humble entries to the topic. Ribeyes, dusted with salt and a lttle blackening spice then treated to an open flame for 5 minutes per side...

Removed properly on the rare side of medium rare and rested for 10 minutes...

36.) billy b - 07/05/2013
Holy crap, they look good.
37.) Swamp Fox - 07/05/2013
38.) Forkie McRut - 07/05/2013
That brought a year to my eye, Dan.

Nice to see blood running from that meat like nature intended.
39.) DParker - 07/05/2013
Hank Hill is the man, and I'm not going to presume to argue with his well-considered professional opinion regarding backyard grilling fuels. :wink

[QUOTE=billy b;7678]Holy crap, they look good.[/QUOTE]

They were...and now my dogs won't leave me alone.
40.) Leighton - 07/05/2013
I'll try and make it Billy , which way do I turn when I get to Houston ?
41.) billy b - 07/05/2013
Just let me know when you're in Houston, I'll come & get you:wink
42.) DParker - 07/05/2013
Make sure you do it next month Leighton. There's no more pleasant place to be in August than Houston. Just remember to grow gills (the humidity will be somewhere around 250%) and load your shotgun with rounds that can take down cockroaches the size of a Volkswagon Beatle.