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1.) crookedeye - 08/18/2013
i was looking in cabelas at the shower kits..a good hot shower is always good when camping for a few days.

anyone have one?
2.) Ventilator - 08/18/2013
I used one in Idaho in the backcountry several years ago. Not sure of the brand but I didnt care. That damn creek was about 33 degrees I think! Shower was solar and plenty warm.
3.) Swamp Fox - 08/18/2013
Hey, CE. I have used Zodi showers a lot in the past. As a matter of fact I broke them out of storage a couple of weeks ago. I like them a lot. For one or two people there's not a huge difference in the models other than how they heat the water and how much space they take up to transport.

Look at the Hot Tap and the Extreme models if you haven't found them already. I also have Zodi's little water pump that just pumps water but doesn't heat it. That's handy for a lot of things ... I have to figure out what the heck I did with the box it's in though, LOL.

A while back I also looked into vehicle-mounted systems, but never pulled the trigger. At the time, this one was what I had my eye on. I'd have to go looking around to see if it's still as much the cat's butt in its class as it used to be.

4.) crookedeye - 08/18/2013
ther out of stock...i could heat up some water i guess..want about those sun polar ones? do they actually work?? somthing cheap,,what if its cloudy..
5.) Swamp Fox - 08/18/2013
Somebody has to have some Zodis...Cabela's or ebay?

I haven't used solar showers much because I'm always afraid I won't get enough sun in the type of places I like to camp, even out of a vehicle...But when I have used them, I'd have to say they held heat pretty decently. One sunny day, overnight, then followed by a cloudy morning, say. But that's here, with our temps.

I'm not even sure I have one anymore, but if I come across one you're welcome to it...I'm going through a lot of my old gear right now.

One thing if you're looking for cheap: I saved the bags that wine in a box comes in for a long time. I now have a ton of them and use them pretty often when I don't want to haul a Zodi around. Cut the valves off, rinse out the wine (not a quick job, unfortunately, but what else do you have going on, right?), fill with water, replace the valve (press-fit it back; the threads keep it water-tight) and put out in the sun, especially on a flat rock or the hood of your vehicle. Works like a charm for dumping over your head or doing dishes. You can drink from it in a pinch if you've done a really good job rinsing.

The bags will take some abuse and last a while. Keep them up on something at night, especially, so critters won't climb on to pop the bag to get a drink.
6.) Swamp Fox - 08/18/2013
Oh, I just saw the RM vehicle dealio was discontinued, if that's what you meant...Further proof that if I like something, they'll quit making it. Shoulda bought one when I was all pumped up about it...

Now I'm gonna go looking for what's next in line, just for S&G's.
7.) crookedeye - 08/18/2013
wine in a box?? i have like a thousand of them things laying around...

i might have to bite the bullet and spend a couple hundred bucks..
8.) Swamp Fox - 08/18/2013
You know, it's pretty scary that you have a bunch of those bags lying around, too...LOL

Here's another idea: I haven't gone through the thread with a fine-tooth comb, but it's a pretty inexpensive DIY project:

9.) Swamp Fox - 08/18/2013
Well, not so inexpensive as he/I thought...He upgraded his project as he went along.

Still a very interesting thread, though.

I liked this comment, and I'm pasting part of a summary post:

"wholy crap, it works! and it only took 1 day + 2 more evenings and countless trips to ace, grainger and autozone!"

10 plate heat exchanger: $45
Shurflo Classic RV pump: $65
Shurflo filter: $10
Watts variable thermostatic mixing valve: $25
Initial handheld shower head and hoses: $30
Waterproof switch, wire, protective loom, inline fuse holder, fuse, connectors: $20
Brass fittings, PVC flex hose, heater hose, steel, aluminum, paint, bolts, nuts, washers: ~$125
Scepter plastic water Jerry cans: $65
Approximately $385

Compare to...
Deckers/R&M: $429 (rv pump, not quite as many features as mine, comes with most everything you need except water cans)
TWINE: ~$400 (rumored) (rv pump, doesn't include all fittings/hoses you might need, doesn't count water cans cost)
Helton: $270 (battery powered pump, doesn't include all fittings/hoses you might need, doesn't count water cans)
Coleman: $250 (not on-board, re-chargeable battery + propane operated, doesn't count water cans)

so for less than the similar systems, i got a very complete and custom solution exactly like i wanted with more features.

it's still a lot of money and obviously a luxury - you can take a whole lot of solar showers for nearly free before you save up to buy this.

overall, it was a fun project and this will be a neat system that i'm sure my trail guests as well as myself will really enjoy.

stay tuned for long term testing and tweaking!


He does include great pictures and the tweaks he had to make as he went along/road-tested the system. :tu:
10.) Swamp Fox - 08/18/2013
Oh, forgot about this because I don't really think of it as a shower, but....More of a rinse...:

I've used a couple of pressure tanks that you pump up to spray pesticide and liquid plant food and that kind of stuff with. You can buy clean ones at Home Depot, Lowes, and that kind of place. I painted them black and when you put them in the sun for a while the water will warm decently. If you filled them with hot water (from a Coleman stove, say) that would work, too. I think the hose and seals would hold up to the heat, but can't swear to it since I've never done it that way. It would be great if you could fit it the tank with a neoprene insulator and retrofit a long hose with a decent spray nozzle, but right out of the box with some black paint to draw heat it does okay for light rinsing chores. The black paint will get all over everything in storage, though. It chips or smudges.
11.) Swamp Fox - 08/18/2013
Ta-Da! Black version straight out of the box so you don't have to paint it:


I'm not saying this water is going to get hot in the sun just because it's in a black container, but it will warm for mild-season camping.
12.) Swamp Fox - 08/18/2013
This after market hose and head may or may not work on my little contraption but for just a few bucks it's worth a shot:

13.) Swamp Fox - 08/18/2013
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;9758]One thing if you're looking for cheap: I saved the bags that wine in a box comes in for a long time. I now have a ton of them and use them pretty often when I don't want to haul a Zodi around. Cut the valves off, rinse out the wine ...[/QUOTE]

I meant to say PULL the valves off...They're threaded but they will come off with a good steady tug...I [I]have[/I] cut a bunch of valves off bags I didn't feel like rinsing...I'm saving them for something...I don't know exactly what yet, but I guess it will involve epoxy or some other kind of sealant, and cutting holes in something else, LOL...I just couldn't stand to throw out perfectly good valves...:groan: :wink
14.) Ventilator - 08/19/2013
DAMN, Put swampy on a project and hes all in!
15.) bluecat - 08/19/2013
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;9771]This after market hose and head may or may not work on my little contraption but for just a few bucks it's worth a shot:


I tried going to hot jugs but it was blocked by administration. :wink
16.) Swamp Fox - 08/19/2013
That's because it's not a site that's interested in men's boobs...:-)
17.) crookedeye - 08/24/2013
i bought one of those steamers/ mini car washing things that bullzi kept going on and on about. just plug it into youre cigerate lighter, had it for two yrs and never used it yet .. i dont think by looking at it it shouldnt be to powerful for a shower..but what do i no.. boil some water dump it in there soap up and rinse..there wont be anytime for any horse play.. looks like it might hold 2 1/2 maybe 3 gallons of water..