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1.) Deerslayer88 - 09/13/2013
So in the last few weeks hunters and farmers have started finding deer dead from EHD in both central and southern ill. Was wondering if any one else has been having problems this year with EHD. My area was spared last year but it looks like it is going to hit us this year. Hope it frosts soon!
2.) Ventilator - 09/13/2013
has your area been dry? I thought it had been dumping rain every freakin where. lol

I hope its not too widespread.
3.) Deerslayer88 - 09/13/2013
yeah its been very dry for the past month
4.) XJCraver - 09/14/2013
Nothing here so far, ~45 mins. from StL. We've been super lucky the past few years. *[I]knocks on wood[/I]*
5.) Triton Rich - 09/14/2013
[B]It was pretty wet up here in NE IL. Been a bit dry here just lately but hopefully it won't matter. We got hit hard with EHD last year.[/B]
6.) Deerslayer88 - 09/16/2013
well thats god to know that oter people arnt having any problems with it yet this year.
7.) calvin94 - 09/17/2013
I havent heard anything around here yet and I hope it stays that way in this part of IL(scott,,morgan county)
8.) Triton Rich - 09/17/2013
[B]We just got another half inch or so of rain over the weekend. We should be good for a couple weeks at least![/B]