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1.) grandpawrichard - 09/14/2013
How can some people be so stupid and so full of B.S.?

We have a neighbor that is so stupid and so full of B.S. that every time he opens his mouth so much Crap falls out I don't know if I should give him a massive roll of toilet paper or an Industrial Sized box of breadth mints!

Case in point:
He is 45 years old. At one time he told me he never got beyond the 8th. Grade of school.

He claims to be a Master Automotive Mechanic and has been one for 35 years. (hmmmmmmm! Let me see 45 years old......Master Mechanic for 35 years........ that means he was 10 years old when he got his Mechanics Certificate! To top that off, his Pickup truck has been broke down for 2 years and he can't get it to run for more than 3 minuts at a time!)

He claims to have a Degree as an Electrical Engineer and he worked in that trade for 15 years.

Then he claims to have been an Operating Engineer running heavy Equipment for 20 years. (but he doesn't know the difference between a Track hoe and a Back hoe! )

Last week he was telling us how he could not get his computer running properly and it had him baffled, especially because he Graduated Top of his class in Computer Science last year! (hmmmm.....that's funny.....he has lived next door for 2 years and I have NEVER seen him work or go to school Once! )

Every time I go outside to hook my boat up to my boat he immediately comes out and asks me if I am going fishing. The other day I said "No, I'm going to take some photos and I'm using it as a camera! )

2 days ago I walked out of my house with both of my Cameras around my neck, my backpack full of lenses in one hand, my Tripod in the other hand and I was wearing my Photographers vest. Mr. Brilliant immediately sees me and asked if I was going out to take photos? I popped off, "No, I'm going fishing! :) )

When I returned a couple hours later he came out and asked me if I took any photos? My answer was "No, but I caught a whale in the river that was 50 feet long! :) :D

Every time he asks a stupid question like that I want to say "Here's your sign!" and hand him a sign that says "I am So STUPID that I Don't Know I Am a Total and Complete IDIOT!

2.) Callandor2k - 09/14/2013
I have a neighbor like that as well. All I can say is that it takes all kinds to make the world go around. And unfortunately ignorance and stupidity seems to be on the rise. Some people try too hard to make friends that they make stuff up to try and fit in. They don't realize that what they are actually doing is making themselves out to be an annoyance even though in their minds they are trying to do something that they think is good.

I know a guy that it doesn't matter what I have done. He has done it one step better or even two. Case in point. I use to own a '72 Mustang Mach1 with a slightly hopped up 351 Cleveland. Car wasn't very pretty to look at. Needed a new paint job and some rust holes filled in. But ran like a top. Anyway He proceeded to tell me that he owned a mid 70's T-Bird. Mint condition 383 stroker pushing 500 horses to the ground. Tube frame and the works. This guy doesn't even have a dollar to his name and refuses to do any physical labor if he can get away with it. And has been so as long as I have known him. Story goes on and on. But needless to say I know for a fact he didn't have that car.

There is one of those people everywhere and impossible to get away from. I just learned to let it go in one ear and out the other. And nod every once and a while.
3.) billy b - 09/14/2013
Yuup, we're talking about Luv2 here arent we:wink
4.) Floyd - 09/15/2013

You sure it's not you know who?
5.) bluecat - 09/16/2013
[QUOTE=billy b;10749]Yuup, we're talking about Luv2 here arent we:wink[/QUOTE]