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1.) bluecat - 09/16/2013
I made up a procedural checklist that I go through when getting a bow ready. In this scenario, I stripped the bow of everything and am installing new strings.
I didn't go into too much detail about the tuning methods but only the order in which I perform them. Let me know if I am missing something or need to rethink my process.

Measure strings and cables before installation.
Give yourself peace of mind and eliminate this as a cause for any future issues.

Install strings and cables. Bring bow into factory specifications (correct poundage, tiller, axel to axel, brace height)
Make sure cams are timed (all bows) and syncronized (non-single cam bows).

Adjust poundage to your shooting preference.

Shoot strings in (generally 50 - 100 shots)
You can put on a string loop to accomplish this but you might need to move it slightly in future steps.
I shoot off the shelf at this point and use a bareshaft to accomplish this.

Install rest so arrow intersects berger button at full height.

Adjust or install string loop so arrow is perpendicular to string when rest is at full height.

Time drop away

Install peep, correct any rotational issues.

Install sight but don't worry about pin placement.

Paper tune. If you need to adjust nocking point consider raising or lowering rest slightly first as this will preserve your peep and string loop relationship.

2nd and 3rd axis sight adjustments

Walkback tuning. Adjust sight so that you can hit a bullseye with your top pin. Using same pin and bullseye, proceed to shoot at progressively farther distances. Notice any trends and adjust rest (Left and Right) accordingly.

Adjust sight pins

Broadhead tune


2.) toxophilite - 09/17/2013
excellent I've used the walk back method to fine tune my bow for many years, once you get that straight up and down pattern you're golden of course some times it takes a while to get the proper pattern :re: