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1.) Swamp Fox - 10/14/2013
As Bullz-i would say...:wink

The newer Thermacells seem to have a bad habit of releasing gas when they're not supposed to...Much like some people I know from Battle Mountain...

This was never an issue for me when the Thermacells were made with the square on-off button and the louder, more authoritative striker. It seems to be an issue with the model that came out a few years ago with the round on-off knob and the quieter striker.

Does anyone know if this problem has been fixed in newer versions? If not, does anyone have a secret source for the old version? I bought up a few as they were changing over but would like to find some more.
2.) billy b - 10/14/2013
I only have the first design models so I can't help. As for the BM gas, you're one of the champs, not to mention the snoring where you rule:hb:
3.) Ohbuckhunter - 10/14/2013
I have last years model and I don't notice any gas leaking out. But riding with Jon there's a ton coming out in different directions.
4.) Swamp Fox - 10/14/2013

I bought one of the new ones when they first came out because the striker was supposed to be quieter. It worked okay for a year and then that knob loosened up and now I can't trust it unless I remove the cylinder. My old-style ones are still chugging away just fine.

Also, I noticed it cutting off a lot while I was hanging stands last week. I had it hanging around my neck like a garland of garlic to ward off vampires...The skeeters were that thick :tap:...Years ago, they used to tell you to make sure to keep the Thermacell horizontal (grill facing up). They don't instruct you on that anymore, I don't think. I wonder if my unit has just gone kaput (for On [I]AND[/I] Off functions) or if the fact that I was wearing it vertically had something to do with it cutting off. Prior to this, I hadn't been having cut-off problems when the unit is on the stand, not subject to me jostling it around.
5.) Swamp Fox - 10/14/2013
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;11818]:...Years ago, they used to tell you to make sure to keep the Thermacell horizontal (grill facing up). They don't instruct you on that anymore, I don't think. [/QUOTE]

I double-checked, and yes, they DO still tell you to set the unit on a flat surface with grill facing up.
6.) billy b - 10/14/2013
On the old model it doesn't matter which way is up, but I can't afford to be a 2 thermacell man so I don't know about the new fangled one.
7.) DParker - 10/14/2013
I have two of the round-switch models that are 4 years old each and I've not noticed any problem with butane leaking from either one. The one I took out with me last weekend has had the same cartridge in it for the past three seasons (I typically only need it for the first or second weekend in October) and it still has about 1/3 of the butane left.
8.) Swamp Fox - 10/14/2013
I'll trade y'all some prickly pears for some skeeters...:wave:

Two thermacells is just getting started around here some years...

If you don't want to be carried off after you're sucked dry...
9.) OKY - 10/15/2013
Billy, have you tried the modified cylinders yet?
10.) BULLZ-i - 10/15/2013
Disimprovement :bang:
11.) billy b - 10/15/2013
[QUOTE=OKY;11844]Billy, have you tried the modified cylinders yet?[/QUOTE]

Nope but soon I hope:wink