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1.) jbone - 10/18/2013
I bought this stuff last season and never really put it to use. I noticed quite a few guys praising this in one of the other threads. Im just curious to know how you "apply" it? What have you put this stuff on? I have the stick that looks like a stick of deodorant but I sure dont wanna go rubbing this on my pits.
2.) Ventilator - 10/18/2013
I use it on my sleeves and around my stand on trees and stuff. Only difference is I use trophy blend herd.
3.) XJCraver - 10/18/2013
I put a single swipe on each boot before I walk in, a swipe on at least 2 trees at ground level near the stand (preferably "in the wind", so the scent will blow towards where I anticipate the deer coming from), and then a swipe or two above my tether in the tree I'm sitting in. I don't put it on clothing, because it leaves a nasty white streak on there until you wash the clothes.

I hate scents, and gimmicky stuff, and all that crap, but I'd almost swear by this Ever Calm. The stuff is like magic. Seriously.
4.) Swamp Fox - 10/18/2013
I'll have to say I am/used to be a big scent guy...Haven't been using scents much lately for some reason...But Evercalm is one that I'm a little wary of. I have had at least two (maybe more) negative reactions from deer that could plausibly be attributed (at least partially) to the scent.

I'm not gonna swear that the wind didn't swirl and that deer didn't get a whiff of me, etc. but I can remember at least two times that I used EverCalm that the deer were put on an alert to such an extent that it hurt my prospects. Both times I applied the scent to my climbing tree, above my head, and merely used a dab or a short swipe. I did not slather it on.

One time was in open or semi-open woods, and I'm gonna say the other time I'm thinking of was in thick, close quarters. Both times I felt the deer were looking for others that they could not locate, and became suspicious. The same thing happens when you use turkey dekes where a gobbler wonders why the hen he's eyeballing won't come to him, or when you don't use dekes and he can see clear to the ocean and there's no calling bird to be found anywhere, the way there should be.

I'm not sure what the solution to this is, other than to try using the scent at ground level to see if that makes any difference. Maybe putting the scent closer to their noses would make them less curious about where it's coming from. I've not really had this same issue with other curiosity or deer scents, so I suspect the concentration of the scent, or the deer's perceived concentration of it, may have something to do with how best to use it.

And, of course, maybe I just ran into uncooperative animals, where other individuals might have fallen for it. This often happens with turkeys and I've seen it happen with deer when using other scents. So why not?

But I mean, like, who really nos all this stuff anyway?

5.) Triton Rich - 10/19/2013
[B]I used Evercalm very frequently last year and every hunt this year. I started out by smearing some on a tree at ground level. This used up the product pretty rapidly. I figured why not just hang the open container from my gear rope. I used that method half of last year and so far this year. Most of the time I got no noticeable reaction. There were several times that deer reacted with some alarm. The odd thing is, even though they were obviously alarmed, they wouldn't leave. Two times in particular, a group of 4 or 5 deer hung around for perhaps 15 minutes. Who really knows what's going on in their lemon sized brains but I swear they were standing around looking for all the deer that were supposed to be there. It's like they are disturbed that they smell deer so strongly but they know there's not that many around or something. I guess the point is, they stood around and offered a shot for plenty of time. I wasn't looking to shoot a doe either time but I think I could of. I would have had to move very carefully as the deer were nervous and looking around. There would also be some risk of one doing a Jon style duck the arrow thing![/B]
6.) LCA - 10/19/2013
I think i started using it 3 years ago, Hands down my favorite cover scent. I purchased a roll of cheese cloth and apply it to it, i tie it around my boot and walk to my tree (not straight to the tree.. past the tree in a good shooting lane) when i get to a nice open spot near my stand i take it off my boot and hang it near the base of the tree. I carry a large ziploc bag so i can reuse it over and over again. I have had deer follow the trail i walked many times.. 1 stick last a long time the way i use it.
7.) Swamp Fox - 10/19/2013
[QUOTE=LCA;11925... when i get to a nice open spot near my stand i take it off my boot and hang it near the base of the tree...[/QUOTE]

The base of your tree or the base of the tree in the shooting lane?
8.) LCA - 10/19/2013
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;11926]The base of your tree or the base of the tree in the shooting lane?[/QUOTE]

Kinda mid way, i dont like having anything scented pointing out my tree.
9.) Swamp Fox - 10/19/2013
10.) jbone - 10/19/2013
Thanks for all the input so far guys! LCA do you have the cheese cloth dragging behind you or wrapped on the underside of the boot?
11.) LCA - 10/19/2013
Wrapped around it so where i step im am tracking scent, i just put it on the ground step on it and tie a knot on the top of my boot.
12.) crookedeye - 10/20/2013
harmons interdigatel scent... that stuff is magic.
13.) bluecat - 10/21/2013
[QUOTE=crookedeye;11951]harmons interdigatel scent... that stuff is magic.[/QUOTE]

Many of these products have magical qualities. One minute your wallet is full and then poof...empty.