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1.) Ventilator - 11/12/2013


I FINALLY shot a buck on the last day with 5 mins of shooting light left to go. This was after a 7 day hunt in which i missed a 150 class 9pt on day two at 40 yds. I figured it wasnt going to be this year.

OK, here's how it went.I had a small 8pt and a button buck in the pasture next to the shelter belt. They stayed around the last hour of the evening. They worked away from me with 10 mins or so of light. I actually took a pic of the sunset and was about to call the game. I saw a deer coming x the pasture to the shelter belt ..I thought it was the same small 8 but I glassed him anyway. Once I saw how big he was, I went into kill mode. He walked slowly to me and I just waited. At 25 yds I drew and he took two more steps and stopped. Hit him perfect behind the right shoulder and got a pass thru. He went about 200 yds and piled up..amazing ending for me!!

Points for team Swampster!
2.) Ventilator - 11/12/2013

Miss at 40 yds.


Nice 10 at 113 yds.



Little decoy love from a 6pt. Had evercalm all over my deke. He licked its back ,nose and tail.
3.) Ventilator - 11/12/2013

Small 9 at 10yds last day.
4.) bluecat - 11/12/2013
[QUOTE=Ventilator;12390OK] here's how it went. I had a button buck in the pasture next to the shelter belt. [/QUOTE]

How could you pass that up?!!!

Congrats dude.
5.) NEBigAl - 11/12/2013
Where were you at? Looks like up north, think I saw the pics on FB.
6.) Ventilator - 11/12/2013
I was hunting central near Thedford this time. I used to hunt around Chadron & Crawford.
7.) Ventilator - 11/12/2013
[QUOTE=bluecat;12393]How could you pass that up?!!!

Congrats dude.[/QUOTE]

Actually had a doe with 3 button buck fawns with her.lol Tempting!!
8.) Ohbuckhunter - 11/12/2013
Congrats. At least your shirt actually fits you in this pic. Lol. I kid I kid
9.) Ventilator - 11/12/2013
[QUOTE=Ohbuckhunter;12400]Congrats. At least your shirt actually fits you in this pic. Lol. I kid I kid[/QUOTE]

I been swellin up like the hulk lately. Ego you know!! LMAO!! :grin:
10.) Hunter - 11/12/2013
Way to go, Kenny!
11.) Wild Bob - 11/22/2013
Congrats, nice buck!
12.) Ventilator - 11/25/2013
Thanks Bob!

Headed to Ohio this weekend. Gonna look like your avatar im thinking. :-)
13.) luv2bowhunt - 11/25/2013
Congrats on your kill. I especially like how it's dark and you're almost unnoticeable in the pic.:wink

Just kidding Alex, calm down. You don't have to delete this post.

Anyway Kenny, good job.
14.) Ventilator - 11/25/2013
lol. welcom back luvvy
15.) Swamp Fox - 12/03/2013
Missed saying congrats on this somehow...

He's a beaut!