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1.) Deerslayer88 - 12/03/2013
I dont know if any one has any experience with this product but just had a quick question. From all the reviews it seems like a great product for the price. Ive already installed in on the stock of my 22-250 and it looks great, and was relatively easy to apply. However, my only concern was with the wrap for the barrel. I couldnt find any negative feed back on applying the wrap to the barrel, but if you do this, there is no way to get oil to the barrel. Any feed back would be appreciated. Ill post some pics a little later so you guys can check it out. Like I said looks great and for 29 bucks i dont think you can beat it, as long as it holds up.
2.) Deerslayer88 - 12/05/2013
Well here it is. From what I read people have not had any problems with the wraps on the barrel. I called savage and mossy oak and they said it should be just fine since the barrel already has a coating on it and it just isnt blued