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1.) Deerslayer88 - 01/21/2014
Shot these two the other night. IF any one else is interested in a good night hunting light check out wicked hunting lights. They make a great product. They claim that you can see eyes at 300 yrds and I.D. at 180 with the red LED, and I say it is every bit of that!
2.) Floyd - 01/21/2014
3.) Swamp Fox - 01/21/2014
Do you have any thoughts on red vs. green lights for coyotes?
4.) Ventilator - 01/21/2014
I shot a coon sat night while pig hunting with my bow. I have the green 250yd version from EWT.

EWT says green for pigs and red for predators. They say they black pigs disappear in a red light but show up much better in Green. Supposedly red spooks less predators. I got green anyway. We will see how it works in two weeks on yotes.

Nice job on the yote killin!
5.) Ar-mink - 01/21/2014
I wish we could night hunt yotes and pigs in Oklahoma. They say you can get a permit from the warden to, but I've been turned down the couple times I've tried.
6.) Ar-mink - 01/21/2014
Congrats on the kills btw
7.) Swamp Fox - 01/21/2014
Kenny, that will be interesting to hear about (your green light on coyotes). I know it's not a settled question with predators.

I agree it's easier to see hogs in a green light in most cases. I think you can spook them with red or green (or blue) depending on how you bring it down on them and how bright/forcused o soft/diffused it is. I haven't developed a real preference.

I believe hogs can detect color in the blue-green-yellow area of the spectrum, so as far as I'm concerned green lights stlll have a lot of 'splainin' to do as far as porkers go.
8.) Ventilator - 01/21/2014
Well, im countin the days until we get to find out on the yotes!
9.) Hunter - 01/21/2014
Nice!! Congrats on the kills :tu:
10.) Deerslayer88 - 01/22/2014
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;14997]Do you have any thoughts on red vs. green lights for coyotes?[/QUOTE]

From what I have read and personal experience id say the red is best for coyotes. In general the consensus is that green is the best for everything except coyotes. I have yet to have one spook from it.
11.) Deerslayer88 - 01/22/2014
Also it seems that if you keep the light on them (dont turn it off and on when they are coming in) they tend to come in better. When I first got the light, the first two I shot I just kept the light on the whole time, and they never hesitated. The next one I shot I kept turning the light on and off and it seemed like that one was more timid on the approach. It could have just been his personality, but who knows.
12.) Deerslayer88 - 01/22/2014
Also with the wicked hunting lights you can buy the different colored bulbs for 25 bucks, which I plan on doing to experiment with it some more. My brother has the laser genetics ND5 and he has had a few spook from that. I dont know if thats because it is a laser designator or just the color green.
13.) Swamp Fox - 01/22/2014
Thanks for the feedback!.

14.) Wild Bob - 01/22/2014
Nice work!
15.) Tom-Wisconsin - 04/02/2014
I remember someone doing research on what colors dear could see. I think they can see yellow and blue? I am not sure, but maybe some one knows. I am wondering if any one knows of any research done with other animals.