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1.) luv2bowhunt - 03/06/2013
OK who's using what and why?

I'm toying with the idea of using them but haven't done it yet. Any cons? Is one kind better than another?

Also, can you 'unlight' each kind? Dumb question but I always wondered that.
2.) Swamp Fox - 03/06/2013
The only ones I've used since Luminocks many years ago (never liked them) have been the Firenocks. They are easier to install than they used to be, which is good because I don't have a lot of patience to fuss with silly stuff. However, my understanding is that I need to use the end caps now, so :re:...

However, they are extremely bright so I'll probably continue with them. I have had one or two fly out the back of the shaft at impact (standard-sized nocks from ICS Hunters; also usually [B]very[/B] tight to install in those shafts). Didn't have any tightness problems from Blue Streaks, but also didn't shoot any lighted nocks from them, either. (I had them installed, just chose to shoot the practice nocks at animals this past year). Practice nocks rattled in my Blue Streaks on the draw, but I never heard a peep out of them from my ICS Hunters.

And, yes, you can usually "unlight" the Firenocks easily and reliably.
3.) Swamp Fox - 03/06/2013
Huh! I didn't get a 10-minute grace period on that edit. Showed I edited right away (to add the unlight comment and fix a typo)....Hope we can get some grace on edit notations, Commander.
4.) Alex - 03/06/2013
It was set to 2 minutes... moved to 5
5.) Swamp Fox - 03/06/2013
Thx! That was a fast two minutes, BTW! LOL
6.) hoyt_em - 03/06/2013
I been using Afterburn...cheap, effective, and cheap. Jon has them for about 5.00 each.

Activation on the shot is by the string pushing a switch in, no magnets.

Deactivation, deleting sly simple after a couple times. Simply put a semi pointed (field point, broad head, knife) in a hole and push the plunger up.

Battery life is astounding....I have some that are OVER two years old and they still light.
One of them has at least 15 hours of being on...it is dimmer, but still clearly visible. I have heard that you can wiggle the battery out and replace it, but I have not tried it.

Why I use them...truthfully, pure novelty.
7.) Parker - 03/06/2013
I used the Afterburn lighted nocks this past season as well. I liked them a lot, and they're the cheapest price I've seen around. My only issue was once I shot a deer with them, a lot of blood gets caught in the trigger mechanism and in one case caused the light to turn on even when the switch wasn't pushed in. It must have closed the circuit or something through the blood. After that I just washed them out real good and haven't had any problems since! :tu:
8.) TRAVELER - 03/06/2013
Been using Nocturnals. They work well and come in pink.
9.) Hunter - 03/06/2013
Nocturnals work for me. Blood does clog up the switch.

Lighted nocks work well for old eyes! Help seeing arrow path
10.) Dan-o - 03/06/2013
They all suck to some extent and don't last as long as they should or light with 100% reliability, at least the ones I've used. The firenock is a good quality nock, but not user friendly, and cost a small fortune. The nokturnals are a crappy nock, but user friendly and cheap. The luminocks are somewhere in between on the scale of user friendliness, cost, and nock quality. I have a bunch of each in my gear box that don't work, and a few of each that work. I honestly don't use them anymore. Was a neat novelty, but I have elimininated them from my setup.
11.) PB - 03/07/2013
I toyed with the idea of using them, but thought them a little too techy for me. :groan: Do they really help in recovering arrows?
12.) bgkyarcher - 03/07/2013
I started with the lumenoks. They worked pretty well. I switched to nockturnals, and like them much better. Easy to turn off, and have never had a failure. I shot the firenocks, and they are brighter, but not enough to offset the price difference imo. I love watching the lighted nock fly at longer ranges. The kids in the neighborhood love to watch them too.
13.) Old Crow - 03/07/2013
Have a set of firenocks .....but havent used them in a few years .....had two complaints 1 circuit tear out to nock lock feature @ under 300 fps & 2 knock pinch due to differences in my bohning double locks

Love the thought of watching the laser beam disappear through a deer and to see it glowing stuck in the ground on the back side .....

Here in SD we can't use them or even lighted sight pins ...... Guess I should list them in the classifieds
14.) JB - 03/08/2013
I really liked the Firenocks when I was using them a good while back. I never used any others so I had nothing to compare them to but I can say is that my experience with them was good and Im sure they have improved on them a lot since then. I would like using lighted nocks even though Im not hunting much these days. I would love to use them if I were hunting!
15.) XJCraver - 03/19/2013
I bought some of these last year:


And was surprised / impressed. Similar to a Nockturnal, a little cheaper. I imagine they're similar to the Afterburns as well.

I had no issues with them. Good fit, good batteries, and they all worked when they were supposed to. Couldn't beat the price at the time (shipping was free, so $4.16 / ea. to my door). I'll probably order more when these fail/break/disappear.
16.) Ventilator - 03/19/2013
very effective for tuning. Leaves no doubt at 40 plus yards whether your arrow is flying straight from a well tuned bow.
17.) luv2bowhunt - 03/19/2013
Thanks Joe, I'm going to check those out.
18.) JimP - 03/19/2013
I used the ones Jon sold. My bigest thing as to why I used them, was "old man eyes". Just couldn't follow arrow flight in not so perfect light. So I'm able to track the impact. Also I did recover a nice buck after dark (would have without, but saved myself a ton of time by spotting the knock). I'm sold on them, for me, a cheap little bit of help that I can use.
19.) XJCraver - 03/20/2013
[QUOTE=luv2bowhunt;3103]Thanks Joe, I'm going to check those out.[/QUOTE]

No problem.

They're not as good a deal, now, as they were when I bought them with free shipping. They're right on par price-wise with the Afterburns after you pay to have them shipped.

I'm all about lighted nocks, 'cause I can't see shit. $10 bucks for an arrow, and $10 for a broadhead, I want to know EXACTLY where they're going!
20.) Tunein - 03/20/2013
I love the nockturnals, bought them a few years ago and use them when practicing, but have yet to put them to use while hunting. I have heard great reviews on them too. The only complaints I ave heard about the company making them is about the Xbox nocks, there needs to be more research on them.
21.) DropzOfWild - 03/21/2013
I've tried the lumenocks about 4-5 yrs back and was pleased for most part until they started grooving my shafts causing one to split. Had several times where they'd go out in flight but solved it. I changed to firenocks due mostly of the replacing battery feature. Still use them today because I have them. Really thought about trying out the G5 version because it appears they are even more cost effective for me, only down side to using a lighted nock for us here in Mo is that if you shoot a monster it won't count in books due too electronic device on arrows rule in the regulations..... but I love watching that streak on film and in low light conditions