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1.) DParker - 03/27/2014
Leland Yee, Democrat CA state Senator from San Francisco is and has been one of most vocal and rabid gun control advocates in that state's government. Yesterday, he and a number of other individuals were arrested and charged with multiple criminal offenses, including (and mostly stemming from) bribery and conspiracy to traffic firearms without a license. And in this case "bribery and conspiracy to traffic firearms without a license" means accepting a "campaign donation" from an undercover FBI agent in exchange for setting the agent up with Lee's arms-dealing Muslim separatist connections in the Phillipines for the purpose of buying and smuggling into the U.S. a large number of, among other things, fully-automatic weapons (machine guns) and shoulder-fired missiles.

But he absolutely does NOT want you to own a scare black semi-automatic rifle....'cuz....the children. Oh, and he doesn't get a piece of the action on legal domestic sales.

I'm sure the NRA is to blame for this.....somehow.

2.) bluecat - 03/27/2014
3.) DParker - 03/27/2014
4.) DParker - 03/27/2014
Given the size of the arms deal that Yee was setting up, and the fact that he only wanted $5K as the "campaign donation" in exchange for setting up a deal for $500K - $2.5 million in arms sales...he's either the worlds dumbest/cheapest crooked politician, or he was getting kickbacks/commissions/finders fees from the arms dealers.
5.) bluecat - 03/27/2014
I'm just shaking my head in disbelief.
6.) VAarcher - 03/27/2014
For some reason this story makes me laugh
7.) DParker - 03/27/2014
LOL! The Brady Bunch gave this dirt bag an A+ rating and named him to their "Gun Violence Prevention Honor Roll"....

8.) DParker - 03/27/2014
Man, the internet works fast...

And his Facebook page is full of people asking him if he can get them deals on M60s, full-auto AKs, etc. Proof that there's nothing better for business than free advertising.

9.) bluecat - 03/27/2014
10.) DParker - 03/27/2014
But wait...it gets mo' betterer...

[URL="http://www.latimes.com/local/political/la-me-pc-leland-yee-marijuana-legislation-lawmakers-20140327,0,734217.story#axzz2x6keUpgF"]Yee accused of introducing undercover FBI agent to other lawmakers[/URL]
11.) Swamp Fox - 03/27/2014
One more person who regrets getting on Facebook....LOL...
12.) DParker - 03/27/2014
CA Senate leaders call for Yee to resign:


You might recognize the bearded guy sitting on the speaker's right as State Senator Kevin de Leon (D-Los Angeles), the idiot who gave the "Ghost Gun" presentation that I posted about here...


Is it just me, or does he look [I]really[/I] uncomfortable and nervous throughout this whole thing?
13.) bluecat - 03/27/2014
This is but a minor setback. Yee for president.
14.) Swamp Fox - 03/27/2014
If only Obama and Hillary had known about this guy...The Syrian rebels might have been able to get some weapons. :re:
15.) DParker - 03/27/2014
It's just a flesh wound.

BTW, I like how Steinberg starts that little presser off by saying, "This is an extraordinary situation", even though this is the 3rd arrest/conviction of a CA Dem. Senator in as many months. It sounds like it's becoming downright ordinary.
16.) Swamp Fox - 03/27/2014
17.) DParker - 03/28/2014
I did some more reading of the FBI complaint and some more recent reporting, and it's sounding like this idiot is hip-deep in connections to Asian organized crime (Chinese Triads and the like). Those boys make the Sicialian mob look like your local church's ladies' tea social. If the FBI's case is solid (and it sounds like it is), and Yee doesn't somehow manage to skip the country...or off himself...the best outcome he can hope for is spending the rest of his miserable life in a FPMIAP facility. If he tries to roll on his "business associates" in exchange for lenient sentencing then his life expectancy is going to be shorter than a mayfly's.
18.) bluecat - 03/28/2014
"He's between a rock and a hard on."
19.) Swamp Fox - 03/28/2014
I heard he'll have some choice of cellmates, though.

One from Cell Block A, and two from Cell Block B...
20.) DParker - 03/28/2014
I'm sure he'll receive a fair herring.

Oops...wrong thread....
21.) bluecat - 03/28/2014
Mr. Yee, I've got some good news and some bad news. The good news is that Jesus loves you. The bad news is he'll be in the same cell block as you.
22.) DParker - 03/28/2014