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RIP Sonny DParker 07/07/2022
A big 2A decision from SCOTUS DParker 06/24/2022
RIP Ray Liotta DParker 05/26/2022
It's a rainy day... DParker 05/24/2022
Screw the fourth DParker 05/06/2022
Gorilla Carts DParker 04/27/2022
Gorilla Carts DParker 04/27/2022
Gorilla Carts DParker 04/27/2022
Happy Burns Night, y'all DParker 01/26/2022
RIP: Meatloaf DParker 01/21/2022
RIP: The man, the legend, the populizer of turducken... DParker 12/29/2021
Stick a fork in the NRA... DParker 10/06/2021
No pressure DParker 09/17/2021
Solar powered cellular trail cams DParker 07/05/2021
OK, so we're a little late to the party... DParker 05/09/2021
Why aren't all power cords designed this way? DParker 04/28/2021
The social media generation DParker 04/23/2021
Retirement Savings DParker 04/19/2021
CWD too close to home DParker 04/02/2021
When hunting turkey this year... DParker 02/22/2021
Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr DParker 02/09/2021
Fishing boats DParker 02/01/2021
I've finally arrived DParker 01/12/2021
I'm going to have to invoke the Foxworthy rule here DParker 01/08/2021
Savage announce a straight-pull bolt gun DParker 01/06/2021
Merry Christmas DParker 12/24/2020
World record 22-point....doe. DParker 12/18/2020
My dinner yesterday DParker 12/13/2020
Suburban cougars DParker 11/24/2020
Whitetails and .223/5.56 DParker 11/22/2020
Awe...c'mon, 2020!!!! DParker 10/23/2020
RIP, Ennio Morricone DParker 07/06/2020
RIP Vera Lynn DParker 06/18/2020
My attempt at a return to normalcy DParker 05/17/2020
The scout rifle concept, a critique DParker 05/15/2020
Veggie gardens DParker 05/06/2020
Hey!!! DParker 04/01/2020
RIP: Max Von Sydow DParker 03/09/2020
Gettin' my Irish on DParker 03/09/2020
78°F today... DParker 02/02/2020
So, does Jerry Jones... DParker 01/13/2020
I nominate this old boy... DParker 01/07/2020
Tis the season DParker 12/24/2019
Good news everyone! DParker 12/19/2019
Dammit! I swore I'd never do this. DParker 12/13/2019
This year's "Most Likely To Become Serial Killers" award goes to... DParker 12/02/2019
Never bring a knife... DParker 11/30/2019
It's definitely time for Elon Musk... DParker 11/22/2019
Nikon getting out of the gun scope biz? DParker 11/20/2019
Dodged another TX weather bullet...twice DParker 10/21/2019
So it turns out that... DParker 09/06/2019
This is what it looks like when... DParker 08/29/2019
He did Nazi that coming... DParker 08/22/2019
He did Nazi that coming... DParker 08/22/2019
I'm thinking of putting in a bid... DParker 08/20/2019
Ribs and stuff DParker 08/19/2019
Beer-infused chocolate-covered Oreos DParker 08/02/2019
That's a lot of fish tacos DParker 08/01/2019
Real-time stream of the Apollo 11 mission DParker 07/19/2019
For those keeping score at home... DParker 06/30/2019
Dear HBO DParker 06/11/2019
So here's a little lesson in what 70+ MPH straight-line winds can do DParker 06/10/2019
Roy Scheider was right DParker 04/17/2019
Happy National Beer Day DParker 04/07/2019
Y'all want me to... DParker 02/06/2019
My new standard for "cold" DParker 01/30/2019
Let's talk waterproof snake boots DParker 01/10/2019
Hey, Swamp-dude... DParker 01/09/2019
Who cut the cheese? DParker 01/04/2019
Ouch. DParker 12/22/2018
New pooch DParker 12/17/2018
1 AR w/a happy switch + 4x30-rd mags = 1 big dopey grin DParker 12/16/2018
51 point buck in IL DParker 12/15/2018
The Baltimore PD is taking a giant bite out of crime... DParker 12/12/2018
Can't hunt, so let's cook (warning: large photo images) DParker 12/08/2018
Why the hell isn't today a national holiday? DParker 12/05/2018
I'm not even sure this belongs in "Small Game" DParker 11/30/2018
The fungus among us DParker 11/26/2018
Rip Roy Clark DParker 11/15/2018
I'm taking bets... DParker 10/24/2018
So I'm sitton' there, at the bar.... DParker 10/21/2018
Worst...first day...ever DParker 10/06/2018
When the shooting range is out of commission because of flooding... DParker 10/02/2018
Only 2 weeks until the bow season opener in Texas DParker 09/15/2018
It might be time for an intervention DParker 09/08/2018
Hold my beer... DParker 09/07/2018
This has now officially become stupid DParker 09/06/2018
Tis (almost) the season DParker 08/25/2018
This is what you have for leftovers... DParker 08/13/2018
Attempted jewelry store robbery in McAllen, TX DParker 07/31/2018
Parker Concorde auto-cocker DParker 07/25/2018
"Idiocracy" truly was a documentary DParker 07/23/2018
Just when you think left-wing propaganda can't get any more bizarre... DParker 07/13/2018
I felt a great disturbance in the force DParker 07/05/2018
And so it begins DParker 06/21/2018
What's on/in the grill/smoker? DParker 05/12/2018
One of those "Huh" things DParker 04/28/2018
Look what followed me home DParker 04/18/2018
Friday music videos, part deux DParker 04/11/2018
Happy International Whiskey Day! DParker 03/27/2018
A guy goes hog hunting with dogs and a knife... DParker 03/18/2018
Two countries separated by a common language DParker 03/12/2018
I'd call this an "Oh, crap" moment DParker 03/08/2018
Someone in Brooklyn has accomplished the impossible DParker 03/05/2018
CWD in Pa DParker 03/04/2018
New season of Forged in Fire DParker 02/13/2018
Buck carries head of vanquished foe for 2 weeks DParker 01/30/2018
TX takes poaching seriously DParker 01/26/2018
How about some actual wild game cooking? DParker 01/20/2018
Curse you Costco DParker 12/22/2017
This is why I'm not a tree hugger DParker 12/06/2017
Natasha finally draws blood DParker 11/26/2017
This is why we can't have nice things DParker 11/25/2017
I learned something about whitetail deer yesterday DParker 11/24/2017
39 point Missouri buck DParker 11/14/2017
Best candy bar DParker 11/01/2017
Thanks, interwebz DParker 10/29/2017
You made me cry DParker 10/25/2017
I'm going to have to file this one... DParker 10/24/2017
Well, the WMA this morning was humid... DParker 10/21/2017
Please tell me this is a joke. DParker 10/20/2017
C'mon, Darwin...you can do better DParker 10/10/2017
RIP, Hugh Hefner... DParker 09/28/2017
I finally got in on some dove season action DParker 09/27/2017
Bullwinkle down DParker 09/24/2017
Well, that's it. DParker 09/24/2017
I've had dogs my entire life... DParker 09/20/2017
Be vewy, vewy quiet... DParker 09/10/2017
Amazon Prime deal on a Simmons laser rangefinder DParker 08/31/2017
Anticipation DParker 08/23/2017
Solar Eclipse DParker 08/21/2017
Corned beef, pastrami and brisket, oh my. DParker 08/16/2017
You can't resist Alexa's siren song now DParker 08/04/2017
The Porky Chronicles DParker 07/29/2017
ATTN: bluecat DParker 07/13/2017
So...what are you grillin' and/or smokin' today? DParker 07/04/2017
Ground brisket hamburgers DParker 06/25/2017
Canadian sniper smashes previous record DParker 06/22/2017
That's not how it works... DParker 06/13/2017
RIP Caped Crusader DParker 06/10/2017
RIP Greg Allman DParker 05/27/2017
Welcome to Costco. I love you. DParker 05/26/2017
I'm crazy...I'll do it...don't try to stop me DParker 05/19/2017
Remember when attending a baseball game was the common man's form of entertainment? DParker 05/15/2017
When deer season starts up again, remember... DParker 05/06/2017
Ivation digital remote thermometer: $15 DParker 04/02/2017
It's a shame I'm not in the market for a new pistol DParker 04/02/2017
Well I'll certainly sleep better at night now knowing this guy lives in my town. DParker 03/30/2017
Smoking a standing rib roast DParker 03/25/2017
Whatever happened to our UK contingent? DParker 03/23/2017
Legal carry on ACoE lands coming...probably DParker 03/22/2017
Little Bunny Foo-Foo... DParker 03/19/2017
Wow, I had no idea Chuck Berry was still alive DParker 03/19/2017
iGrill2 blowout at Amazon DParker 03/09/2017
Meanwhile, in Canuckistan... DParker 03/04/2017
Cover me, I'm goin' in!!! DParker 02/25/2017
Wow! DParker 01/29/2017
Alright you heathens, listen up... DParker 01/27/2017
Remember, Valentine's Day is just around the corner DParker 01/25/2017
I think I'll stir up some trouble DParker 01/18/2017
Oh....MAN!!!!!! DParker 01/11/2017
Clay Matthews DParker 01/09/2017
I think this misses the point DParker 01/06/2017
Just because it's so dead here DParker 01/04/2017
A very odd year. DParker 01/01/2017
Well, I guess I won't be doing any hunting this weekend DParker 12/07/2016
Smoked oxtail stew DParker 11/26/2016
Alrighr, which one of you was this? DParker 11/18/2016
Fun at the range DParker 11/14/2016
Hey, check out my big ol' butt! DParker 11/14/2016
Yo, bluecat... DParker 11/07/2016
Dammit, Chicago!! DParker 11/03/2016
Surprisingly, these two were NOT from Florida DParker 11/02/2016
Chili con carne ahumado DParker 10/30/2016
I made a kill Saturday morning DParker 10/18/2016
A little something for the conspiracy theorists DParker 10/13/2016
A Thursday night in Garland, TX DParker 10/08/2016
Screwworms making a comeback? DParker 10/07/2016
Bowhunter takes 36-pointer in MO DParker 10/02/2016
You can now be a techie geek for much cheaper DParker 09/22/2016
May Billy have mercy on me DParker 09/11/2016
Let's see how creative this place is DParker 09/07/2016
OK, this would be cool... DParker 09/07/2016
If Oklahoma's rockin', don't be knockin' DParker 09/03/2016
Just in time for hunting season DParker 09/02/2016
RIP: Willy Wonka DParker 08/30/2016
Primos Gen2 Bipod DParker 08/26/2016
Bacon bourbon DParker 08/25/2016
Rifle buttstock cheek pieces DParker 08/18/2016
Vortex scopes DParker 08/17/2016
RIP: John McLaughlin DParker 08/16/2016
Well, it's offical...Michael Phelps has more Olympic gold medals than... DParker 08/11/2016
I had no idea that puffin was such a delicacy DParker 08/10/2016
I got pulled over last night... DParker 08/05/2016
RIP: David Huddleston DParker 08/05/2016
Want DParker 08/03/2016
The Grapes of Wrath DParker 08/02/2016
New shooting range in Rockwall, TX DParker 08/02/2016
Coywolves DParker 07/27/2016
Do you remember when people actually had a sense of humor? DParker 07/27/2016
Crosman Pioneer Airbow DParker 07/21/2016
There's nothing like sitting in a jury pool... DParker 07/20/2016
Calling B.S. on an Animal Planet "reality" show DParker 07/17/2016
Im ernst, Kapitän Offensichtlich. DParker 07/11/2016
Wow. You could have knocked me over with a feather... DParker 07/07/2016
Hey, Swampy... DParker 07/06/2016
Viva La Revolución! DParker 07/04/2016
Brexit DParker 06/24/2016
With all of this hot weather... DParker 06/20/2016
On the road again DParker 06/11/2016
Well, it looks like this guy got himself into... DParker 06/08/2016
Do you want zombies? DParker 06/07/2016
Stressed? DParker 06/05/2016
Back when Detroit used to put beefy suspensions in full-sized sedans... DParker 05/15/2016
Machetes DParker 05/01/2016
Tis the season DParker 04/27/2016
You know it's time to go home when... DParker 04/24/2016
Happy Flat Dark Earth Day DParker 04/22/2016
Omaha Steaks DParker 04/21/2016
Can someone tell me at what point it became acceptable... DParker 04/19/2016
Insert "The stupid, it burns!" meme here DParker 04/13/2016
Well, we know the trigger works DParker 04/13/2016
Why do I NEVER get the memo about these important national holidays?!!! DParker 04/07/2016
Imperial Chocolate Stout... DParker 03/24/2016
RAM Mount DParker 03/24/2016
This thread sucks... DParker 03/15/2016
Well, this seals it. DParker 02/22/2016
It's that time again! DParker 02/17/2016
The tech revolution has finally realized its full potential DParker 02/05/2016
I'm going to go out on a limb here... DParker 02/05/2016
RCBS Rebates DParker 02/04/2016
Dallas/Fort Worth: First in the U.S. with Ebola, and now... DParker 02/03/2016
For those of you who are wondering... DParker 02/01/2016
I just bought a case of Spam (w/ bacon)... DParker 01/26/2016
You need more iron in your diet. DParker 01/17/2016
A tough start to 2016 for celebrities DParker 01/14/2016
Oh, the humanity! DParker 01/07/2016
RIP: Meadowlark Lemon DParker 12/28/2015
Look what missed my house by less than 200 yds tonight DParker 12/27/2015
Weathertech floor liners DParker 12/24/2015
Your good news item of the week DParker 12/17/2015
Happy 21st Amendment Day DParker 12/05/2015
Green Bay and the Holy Grail DParker 12/04/2015
It's already been true for quite some time now... DParker 12/03/2015
I hate "selfies"... DParker 11/29/2015
Je suis Paris DParker 11/13/2015
Rethinking my strategy DParker 11/13/2015
C'mon, Hillary.... DParker 11/11/2015
Blah, blah, blah...background checks... DParker 11/09/2015
Alright, America... DParker 11/09/2015
Country music DParker 11/05/2015
Suburbanites.....sheesh.... DParker 11/02/2015
The ONE time I would have given the press a pass... DParker 10/24/2015
Hurricane Patricia....this is terrible... DParker 10/23/2015
School me on dutch ovens DParker 10/20/2015
In hunting, just as in real estate... DParker 10/19/2015
See, I told y'all... DParker 10/12/2015
All I want to know is... DParker 09/27/2015
I really need to start paying closer attention on public land DParker 09/18/2015
Wow, I'm old... DParker 08/27/2015
Apparently some WA cops... DParker 08/15/2015
I've got to hand it to the Brits. DParker 07/03/2015
I've been humbled DParker 06/30/2015
Look what followed me home on Saturday DParker 03/16/2015
Scotland, secession and you (or at least, me). DParker 09/17/2014
"Smart Phone" screen protector review (Swampy, don't read this) DParker 09/16/2014
Holy crap! Venomous caterpillars in TX. DParker 08/28/2014
Free shipping from Brownell's on orders > $50, through 8/27 DParker 08/20/2014
Be vewy, vewy quiet..we're pwotesting DParker 08/18/2014
Hot Deal: RCBS Chargemaster Rebate DParker 08/06/2014
I for one find it amusing... DParker 07/30/2014
Holy moly! DParker 07/27/2014
Oh, HELL no.... DParker 07/25/2014
The "Twister Nock" DParker 07/25/2014
Another reason to own a smart phone DParker 07/23/2014
I have no idea... DParker 07/22/2014
Project Cast Iron Chef (warning, LOTS of pics) DParker 07/21/2014
Maybe I don't get out enough, but I've never seen this DParker 07/18/2014
The blues has lost another great one DParker 07/17/2014
Let's talk Gumbo....ayeeeee! DParker 07/16/2014
Congratulations to Rolling Stone Magazine... DParker 07/14/2014
Attention all techie geeks (Swampfoxes should probably avoid this scary stuff) DParker 06/20/2014
Poll: Cake vs Pie DParker 06/10/2014
Gulf Coast beaches DParker 06/06/2014
Aw, man!!! I know we need the rain and all, but... DParker 05/23/2014
Possible man card violation DParker 05/06/2014
B&C finally certifies world record grizzly DParker 05/06/2014
Yeah, I know I'm an old fart and all... DParker 05/01/2014
Shut up and take my money! DParker 04/28/2014
A bigger boat? We don't need no steenkin' boat. DParker 04/22/2014
What $50 million will buy you DParker 04/21/2014
These are actually for sale at Bass Pro (among other places) DParker 04/18/2014
This is seriously cool. DParker 04/17/2014
If anyone is still wanting an AR but holding back because of cost... DParker 04/10/2014
CO school evacuated and hazmat team brought in over reactions to chili peppers DParker 04/09/2014
I might have made a big mistake last night. DParker 04/04/2014
Extra! Extra! Read all about an actual display of common sense! DParker 04/02/2014
Bowfishing gar DParker 04/01/2014
Check out my meat DParker 03/30/2014
If you've ever wondered why... DParker 03/28/2014
"Irony" and "Hypocrisy" defined in one fell swoop DParker 03/27/2014
We really do get the government we deserve DParker 03/17/2014
I just want to apologize on behalf of my fellow Texans DParker 03/13/2014
A reminder of why we lock up our boomsticks... DParker 03/13/2014
Tis the season, again...finally!!! DParker 03/04/2014
Oh, no...now Tim Wilson too, and at only 52 DParker 02/27/2014
Darwin gets another one DParker 02/26/2014
Timing really is everything DParker 02/25/2014
Problems with Blazer Brass pistol ammo? DParker 02/24/2014
RIP, Harold Ramis DParker 02/24/2014
First "smart gun" hits the market in California DParker 02/21/2014
Brilliant! DParker 02/21/2014
My quest for a premium Tequila, and learning something new in the process DParker 02/19/2014
The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals manages to get one right DParker 02/14/2014
"Reiben, pay attention." DParker 02/10/2014
Stay out Arlington, TX for a while DParker 02/09/2014
A reminder of why I pack a backup weapon when I bowhunt DParker 02/04/2014
Sure, I'll be pulling for the U.S. team... DParker 01/28/2014
More old firearms as Hollywood sci-fi props DParker 01/27/2014
Hats DParker 01/23/2014
To the under-50s: You likely won't recognize when you're in your prime... DParker 01/22/2014
School me on cold weather gear DParker 01/07/2014
Interesting semi-close encounter w/a coyote DParker 01/05/2014
TPWD officer shot in the same public land unit I bow hunt. DParker 01/02/2014
Some people's kids... DParker 12/29/2013
Let's talk whiskey DParker 12/26/2013
Request for help from the HC fishermen DParker 12/22/2013
Congratulations Ohio DParker 12/06/2013
It is with a heavy heart that I now mourn the passing of a dedicated... DParker 12/04/2013
Speaking of zombies... DParker 12/04/2013
Sittin' at the hospital, waitin' to become a gramdpa DParker 11/29/2013
The fantasyland of hisorical revisionism... DParker 11/24/2013
This is the best commercial I've seen in a while. DParker 11/20/2013
There are so many things wrong with this... DParker 11/19/2013
94 year-old Mikhail Kalashnikov may not be long for this world DParker 11/18/2013
"Taxidermy done so horrible it is beautiful" DParker 11/13/2013
Alright, now listen up, North Dakota DParker 11/13/2013
Here it is, the 2nd week of November.... DParker 11/09/2013
How many copies of this 1911 you want? DParker 11/07/2013
West Palm Beach, FL Police Department Chief + local news = stupidity squared DParker 11/01/2013
Un hombre rapido DParker 10/31/2013
Awesome Halloween prank DParker 10/25/2013
There's a special place in Hell for people who do things like this. .. DParker 10/23/2013
Interesting comments on an armed citizenry... DParker 10/22/2013
The people of Target (as opposed to WalMart) DParker 10/18/2013
Whew!! DParker 10/04/2013
From now on my answer... DParker 10/02/2013
RIP: Tom Clancy, dead at 66 DParker 10/02/2013
Your state (MA) and federal tax dollars at work. I feel safer already. DParker 09/30/2013
Anyone else miss out on opening weekend? DParker 09/30/2013
A Reloading Pictorial: Part I (hi-res pic-heavy) DParker 09/23/2013
Mosin-Nagants in Syria DParker 09/20/2013
SCOTUS hunting buddies DParker 09/20/2013
Customer Service DParker 09/19/2013
I've heard... DParker 09/19/2013
Cry "Havoc!", and let slip the dogs of war. DParker 09/16/2013
Congratulations Colorado! DParker 09/11/2013
Oh, the irony DParker 09/07/2013
Yo, Swamp puppy DParker 09/05/2013
Tactical iPhone DParker 09/03/2013
Kon-Tiki DParker 09/01/2013
The continuing adventures of Project Cheap Russian Rifle DParker 08/31/2013
OK...NOW I'm mad DParker 08/29/2013
It's comforting to know... DParker 08/23/2013
H.R. 2910: Gun Violence Prevention and Reduction Act of 2013 DParker 08/15/2013
For only $1,400 you can be the proud owner... DParker 08/15/2013
Hunting over gas pipelines DParker 08/13/2013
Let's see how many bits of stupidity we can identify here... DParker 08/13/2013
This is what happens... DParker 08/13/2013
Three strikes and you're out DParker 08/02/2013
Stop me if you've heard this one... DParker 07/30/2013
Buttermilk Pie DParker 07/28/2013
The situation in Detroit explained... DParker 07/23/2013
Texans keep the darnedest pets DParker 07/22/2013
Pocket Knives & Contemporary Society DParker 07/13/2013
Just when you think TV news can't get any more pathetic... DParker 07/13/2013
Samsung Galaxy S4 Android DParker 06/23/2013
RIP: Tony Soprano DParker 06/20/2013
Et tu, Bon Appétite? DParker 06/19/2013
I'm scratchin' my head on this one DParker 06/15/2013
Orlando Sentinel: 25 Drunkest Countries DParker 06/12/2013
Low-light pistol sights DParker 06/12/2013
Crossbow for an old boy who can't draw his compound anymore DParker 06/10/2013
A public service announcement DParker 06/09/2013
Texas woman charged in Obama ricin threat DParker 06/07/2013
Reported Post by DParker DParker 06/07/2013
I know .22 LR is scarce, but...come on.... DParker 06/06/2013
Let's argue about steak DParker 06/05/2013
Ouch!!! DParker 06/05/2013
Ham Radio DParker 05/27/2013
OMG! I just found this in our copier room, where anyone could find/use it!!! DParker 05/23/2013
As much as we all like to poke fun at the French... DParker 05/22/2013
Well, that didn't take long DParker 05/20/2013
Reed Exhibitions's Fudd attitude at the Eastern Outdoor Sports Show... DParker 05/10/2013
When we get tired of hunting feral hogs in TX... DParker 05/08/2013
For those who refer to polymer pistols as "plastic fantastics"... DParker 05/06/2013
Best obituary I've ever read DParker 05/05/2013
Tofu "chili" DParker 05/05/2013
Gonna' do a little minor gunsmithing this weekend DParker 05/03/2013
Get your popcorn ready DParker 05/03/2013
This is why I always wear snake bite boots... DParker 05/02/2013
What's up with the iBowSight? DParker 05/01/2013
Tobasco "Chipotle" Sauce DParker 05/01/2013
New look for 2014 Toyota 4Runner DParker 04/29/2013
TX CHL processing DParker 04/29/2013
HC and IE 10 issue DParker 04/28/2013
Stop the world, I want to get off DParker 04/27/2013
It's nice to see that the "Sovereign Citizen" movement is embracing diversity... DParker 04/26/2013
Animal Rights Group Files Petition Against PETA DParker 04/25/2013
A little Earth Day trivia that I just learned... DParker 04/22/2013
Moose Drool DParker 04/22/2013
Is it just me, or is anyone else appreciating the irony... DParker 04/19/2013
As if Boston weren't bad enough DParker 04/18/2013
I know this is impossible, because I've been assured... DParker 04/16/2013
This drama is playing out right this moment about a block from my office... DParker 04/15/2013
My, how time has flown DParker 04/13/2013
Now from the "Ill-Conceived Plan" department... DParker 04/08/2013
Show off your long gun stocks (warning, pic-heavy) DParker 04/08/2013
An apt metaphor... DParker 04/02/2013
How many time have you asked yourself... DParker 04/01/2013
Hunters begin boycott over Colorado gun laws DParker 03/27/2013
A surprising fair piece by CNN on the use of ARs for hog control DParker 03/27/2013
Alright, which one of our PA members' real name is "Arcangelo Bianco, Jr."? DParker 03/27/2013
My eyes!!! DParker 03/26/2013
A handy tip for using chiles. DParker 03/25/2013
Remember, boys and girls: Just because you can... DParker 03/25/2013
More ammo (pun intended) for when someone pulls out... DParker 03/25/2013
For all the tacticool tier 1 operators out there DParker 03/25/2013
How I spent last Sunday DParker 03/23/2013
Here's your sign.... DParker 03/22/2013
Who says that manners and civility are dead in this country? DParker 03/22/2013
One for the "Never in a million years would I have anticipated..." files DParker 03/22/2013
I don't know how I missed this one. 600-round AR-15 magazines... DParker 03/19/2013
And today's "Stupid Question Award" goes to.... DParker 03/07/2013
Diane Feinstein just claimed... DParker 03/07/2013
Alex, I know you've got nothing but free time on your hands... DParker 03/07/2013
Stevie Ray Vaughan and Albert King on PBS right now DParker 03/07/2013
Bugs! DParker 03/07/2013
Pastry-inflicted trauma DParker 03/06/2013
Things that make you go, "Hmmmmmmm...." DParker 03/05/2013
TX CHL renewal experience DParker 03/05/2013
Man, this is making me dizzy DParker 03/04/2013